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The Past and Other Things That Should Stay Buried

by Shaun David Hutchinson Simon Pulse (February 19, 2019)

**Hypable’s Most Anticipated Queer YA Books of 2019**Book Riot’s 25 YA Book to Add to Your Winter TBR and Most Anticipated 2019 LGBTQ Reads**BookBub’s Best Teen Books Coming Out in 2019**

“A fearless...

Crown of Feathers

by Nicki Pau Preto Simon Pulse (February 12, 2019)

An Ember in the Ashes meets Three Dark Crowns in this lush debut fantasy novel about a girl who disguises herself as a boy to join a secret group of warriors that ride phoenixes into battle.

I had a sister, once…...

Goodbye, Perfect

by Sara Barnard Simon Pulse (January 29, 2019)

Friendship bonds are tested and the very nature of loyalty is questioned in this lyrical novel about a teen whose best friend runs away with her teacher after suffering the effects of too much academic pressure....


by Kiersten White Simon Pulse (January 08, 2019)

A New York Times bestseller

A Publishers Weekly bestseller

From bestselling author Kiersten White comes a brand-new series set in the world of Buffy the Vampire Slayer that introduces a new Slayer as she grapples...

Little Things

by Rebecca Moesta Simon Pulse (December 11, 2018)


Since her mother's death, Buffy Summers has had a hard time keeping her chin up. Suddenly finding herself alone and in charge of Dawn is certainly daunting, and being responsible, at the same time,...

Here Be Monsters

by Cameron Dokey Simon Pulse (December 11, 2018)

Evil Times Two

Something icky is brewing, as usual, in Sunnydale. This time it's in the form of two clean-cut, prep school-type boys. Buffy's suspicious from the start -- their fashion statement is so old it's...


by Christopher Golden & Nancy Holder Simon Pulse (December 11, 2018)

Instant Replay

During a routine slaying, Buffy encounters a vampire named Veronique who knows the slayer's name and can anticipate her attack. One who doesn't have the proper respect for Mr. Pointy. One who...

Doomsday Deck

by Diana G. Gallagher Simon Pulse (December 04, 2018)

Arts and crafts...and evil

It's that time of the year for the Sunnydale Sidewalk Art Festival, and Buffy and the gang have been enlisted to help Joyce pre-pare for the big event. In fact, Xander's especially...

The Evil That Men Do

by Nancy Holder Simon Pulse (December 04, 2018)


After a vicious shooting spree, the town of Sunnydale is shell-shocked. What could have sparked the random rampage? Buffy Summers can guess. Considering the prophetic dreams she's been having,...

Ghoul Trouble

by John Passarella Simon Pulse (December 04, 2018)

Something wicked has been preying on Sunnydale students -- and whatever it is, its methods are pretty gruesome. Buffy locates some human bones that have been picked clean, and knows that she's dealing with an...

Legacy of Light

Effigies #3

by Sarah Raughley Simon Pulse (November 20, 2018)

The Effigies must uncover the connection between Saul, Blackwell, and the Phantoms before it’s too late in this epic conclusion to the Effigies trilogy.

The world is in chaos.

After Saul’s strike on Oslo—one...

Shatter the Suns

Last Star Burning #2

by Caitlin Sangster Simon Pulse (November 13, 2018)

Sev must decode her mother’s last words to find the cure to Sleeping Sickness before her enemies find it first in this stunning sequel to Last Star Burning, which #1 New York Times bestselling author Aprilynne...

This Cruel Design

by Emily Suvada Simon Pulse (October 30, 2018)

Cat thought the Hydra epidemic was over, but when new cases pop up, Cat must team up with an enemy to fix the vaccine before the virus spirals out of control in this thrilling sequel to This Mortal Coil, which...

Light as a Feather

by Zoe Aarsen Simon Pulse (October 09, 2018)

Look out for the original series—starring Peyton List, Brent Rivera, Liana Liberato, Ajiona Alexus, and Dylan Sprayberry—now streaming on Hulu!

Riverdale meets Final Destination in this fast-paced and deliciously...

The Year of Living Awkwardly

by Emma Chastain Simon Pulse (July 10, 2018)

Bridget Jones’s Diary meets Mean Girls as lovably flawed high school student Chloe Snow chronicles another year in her life while she navigates the highs and lows of family, friendship, school, and love in...

Phoebe Will Destroy You

by Blake Nelson Simon Pulse (June 19, 2018)

From the author of Girl, Boy, and Paranoid Park comes a new novel about the obsessive vortex of falling in love in an impossible time and place.

The summer I was seventeen I met this girl…

Nick has the best...

All That I Can Fix

by Crystal Chan Simon Pulse (June 12, 2018)

“A superbly entertaining read.” —Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

“Will win over teens.” —School Library Journal (starred review)

A teen boy’s world gets turned upside-down when a zoo of exotic animals...

From Twinkle, with Love

by Sandhya Menon Simon Pulse (May 22, 2018)

“Utterly charming.” —NPR

“Cinematic.” —Teen Vogue

“Funny and sweet.” —Buzzfeed

“Dazzling.” —Bustle

Three starred reviews for this charming romantic comedy about an aspiring teen filmmaker...

The Deathless

by Keith R. A. DeCandido Simon Pulse (May 15, 2018)

As if Ring Day weren't enough to make Buffy Summers anxious (she can't even afford one of the less expensive silver bands), the Slayer has her hands full trying to figure out why an average split-level house...

Deep Water

by Josepha Sherman & Laura Anne Gilman Simon Pulse (May 15, 2018)

Shape Shifters

Willow's soft spot for critters finds her spending a cold winter morning along the coast as part of a volunteer rescue team, cleaning up an oil spill that has damaged the marine habitat. While...

Four-Letter Word

by Christa Desir Simon Pulse (May 15, 2018)

Eight friends. One game. A dozen regrets. And a night that will ruin them all, in this high stakes gripping story of manipulation and innocence lost, from the author of Bleed Like Me.

Chloe Sanders is ready for...

Dark Congress

by Christopher Golden Simon Pulse (May 08, 2018)

Since the beginning of time, the demonic races have gathered every century to resolve conflicts among them and to determine the course of their future. This centennial event was called the Dark Congress.


The Cordelia Collection, Volume 1

by Nancy Krulik Simon Pulse (May 08, 2018)

"Being popular is not just my right, but my responsibility, and I want you to know that I take it very seriously."

-- Cordelia Chase

Fashionista and leader of the pack, Cordelia Chase is known throughout Sunnydale...

Love & Luck

by Jenna Evans Welch Simon Pulse (May 08, 2018)

A New York Times bestseller

From the author of the New York Times bestselling Love & Gelato comes a heartwarming tale of a road trip through Ireland filled with love, adventure, and the true meaning behind the...


by Nancy Holder Simon Pulse (May 01, 2018)


The First has come to Sunnydale and set its sights on taking down the Slayer. On the side of the White Hats: Buffy, Xander, Willow, Anya, Dawn, Giles, Spike, Faith, Angel,...

The Dead Enders

by Erin Saldin Simon Pulse (May 01, 2018)

For fans of One of Us Is Lying, this novel set during the summer in the small tourist town of Gold Fork features four teens all sharing one secret from their past—and one explosive truth that could change...

The Complication

by Suzanne Young Simon Pulse (April 24, 2018)

How do you go back to a life you can’t remember? Find out in this final installment in the New York Times bestselling Program series from Suzanne Young.

Every cure has a cost.

Tatum Masterson learned this after...


by Dawn Ius Simon Pulse (April 10, 2018)

From acclaimed author Dawn Ius comes an edge-of-your-seat reimagining of one of the most chilling mysteries in modern history—Lizzie Borden.

Seventeen-year-old Lizzie Borden has never been kissed. Polite but...

The Wicked Deep

by Shea Ernshaw Simon Pulse (March 06, 2018)

A New York Times bestseller

Hocus Pocus and Practical Magic meets the Salem Witch trials in this haunting story about three sisters on a quest for revenge—and how love may be the only thing powerful enough...

The Apocalypse of Elena Mendoza

by Shaun David Hutchinson Simon Pulse (February 06, 2018)

From the critically acclaimed author of We Are the Ants and At the Edge of the Universe comes a mind-bending, riveting novel about a teen who was born to a virgin mother and realizes she has the power to heal—but...

American Panda

by Gloria Chao Simon Pulse (February 06, 2018)

“Weepingly funny.” —The Wall Street Journal

“Delightful.” —Buzzfeed

“Charmed my socks off.” —David Arnold, New York Times bestselling author of Kids of Appetite and Mosquitoland

Four starred...

The Angel Chronicles, Volume 3

by Nancy Holder Simon Pulse (January 30, 2018)

"She's stronger than any Slayer you've faced. Force won't get it done. You gotta work from the inside. To kill this have to love her."

For Buffy the Vampire Slayer, birthdays aren't all parties and...

Bad Bargain

by Diana G. Gallagher Simon Pulse (January 30, 2018)

"Off the rack gives me hives."

-- Cordelia, "Out of Mind, Out of Sight"

The Scoobies are used to being personally affected when demonic nasties come to Sunnydale. And they're used to strange things happening...

The Book of Fours

by Nancy Holder Simon Pulse (January 30, 2018)

"We're Slayers, girlfriend. The Chosen."

-- Faith

From a place of nightmares -- which Buffy and Faith share -- a terrible evil invades Sunnydale, setting off disaster. Clearly, the big evil is linked to the...


by Christopher Golden & Nancy Holder Simon Pulse (January 30, 2018)

A Simon & Schuster eBook. Simon & Schuster has a great book for every reader.

A Quiet Kind of Thunder

by Sara Barnard Simon Pulse (January 09, 2018)

Perfect for fans of Morgan Matson and Jandy Nelson.

A girl who can’t speak and a boy who can’t hear go on a journey of self-discovery and find support with each other in this gripping, emotionally resonant...

You'll Miss Me When I'm Gone

by Rachel Lynn Solomon Simon Pulse (January 02, 2018)

“Heartfelt, deeply moving.” —Buzzfeed

“Dark and thought-provoking.” —Publishers Weekly

“A stunning debut.” —VOYA

A poignant, lyrical debut novel about twins who navigate first love, their Jewish...

The Harvest

Buffy the Vampire Slayer #10

by Richie Tankersley Cusick Simon Pulse (December 05, 2017)



Something's wrong in Sunnydale, California...something more than the usual bad hair day. As long as there have been vampires, there has been the Slayer. One girl in all the world...

Out of the Madhouse

Buffy the Vampire Slayer #16

by Christopher Golden & Nancy Holder Simon Pulse (December 05, 2017)


Werewolves. Trolls. Sea Monsters. Rain of toads. Skyquakes. Sunnydale is being besieged by dark forces. But even with Buffy providing her unique style of damage control while Giles is...

Halloween Rain

Buffy the Vampire Slayer #14

by Christopher Golden & Nancy Holder Simon Pulse (December 05, 2017)

As long as there have been vampires, there has been the Slayer. One girl in the all the world, to find them where they gather and to stop the spread of their evil and the swell of their numbers.

Around Sunnydale,...

The Angel Chronicles, Volume 1

Buffy the Vampire Slayer #5

by Nancy Holder Simon Pulse (December 05, 2017)


BORN: Ireland DIED: Ireland


AGE: 242 years and counting

"Things used to be pretty simple. Hundred years, just hanging out, feeling guilty. Really honed my brooding skills....

Sons of Entropy

Buffy the Vampire Slayer #15

by Christopher Golden & Nancy Holder Simon Pulse (December 05, 2017)

All Hell is Breaking Loose

Led by the fanatical Il Maestro, the Sons of Entropy are assaulting the supernatural Boston mansion that holds back the realm of monsters, and stealing the life force from the besieged...

Night of the Living Rerun

by Arthur Byron Cover Simon Pulse (December 05, 2017)

A History Lesson?

As long as there have been vampires, there has been the Slayer. one girl in all the world, to find them where they gather and to stop the spread of their evil and the swell of their numbers....

Tales of the Slayer, Vol. II

Buffy the Vampire Slayer #2

by Various Simon Pulse (November 28, 2017)

"Sacred duty, yadda yadda."

-- Buffy Summers

Buffy the Vampire Slayer has always held an irreverent attitude toward her calling, but ultimately she understands the ramifications of her destiny and is prepared...

Ghost Roads

Buffy the Vampire Slayer #11

by Christopher Golden & Nancy Holder Simon Pulse (November 28, 2017)


Buffy, Oz, and Angel are Europe-bound, only they're not flying any airlines. They're traveling limbo's "ghost roads" in search of Jacques Regnier. Jacques is the sole heir of the dying Gatekeeper...

Tales of the Slayer

Buffy the Vampire Slayer #1

by Nancy Holder, Mel Odom, Yvonne Navarro & Christie Golden et al. Simon Pulse (November 28, 2017)

Into every generation, a Slayer is born. One girl in all the world, to find the vampires where they gather, and to stop the spread of their evil and the swell of their numbers. In our time, that girl is Buffy...

Run Away with Me

by Mila Gray Simon Pulse (November 28, 2017)

Two friends fall into a passionate romance, but first they must confront a painful past, or else lose out on the one thing they’ve been searching for in this heartrending novel from the author of Come Back...

The Chaos of Standing Still

by Jessica Brody Simon Pulse (November 28, 2017)

“Jessica Brody has made me believe that getting stuck in an airport overnight would be the most fantastic thing in the world. I fell hard for this story of love, loss, friendship, and bad airport food. I loved...

Siege of Shadows

Effigies #2, Effigies #2

by Sarah Raughley Simon Pulse (November 21, 2017)

The Effigies seek out the true origins of the Phantoms that terrorize their world in this thrilling follow-up to Fate of Flames, which Elise Chapman calls “an immersive and monstrously fun read.”


This Mortal Coil

This Mortal Coil #1

by Emily Suvada Simon Pulse (November 07, 2017)

“Redefines ‘unputdownable.’” —Amie Kaufman, New York Times bestselling author of Iluminae

“I was thrilled. I was shocked.” —NPR

“Stunning twists and turns.” —BCCB (starred review)

In this...