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Time of Terror

by Seth Hunter McBooks Press (April 01, 2010)

In the Time of Terror, friends turn against friends, patriots are betrayed, and lovers must pay the ultimate price.1793: British navy commander Nathan Peake patrols the English coast, looking for smugglers....

Museum of Human Beings

by Colin Sargent McBooks Press (December 01, 2008)

From deprivation in the wilderness to the lavish courts of European nobility, this poignant historical novel explores the life and quest of Jean-Baptiste Charbonneau, the son of Sacagawea. After the famed Lewis...

Admiral's Daughter

by Julian Stockwin McBooks Press (October 01, 2008)

In the eighth book of this popular series, Thomas Kydd and Nicholas Renzi return to England in 1803 after tumultuous episodes on the other side of the world to find England in peril of starvation and bankruptcy....

Night of Flames

by Douglas Jacobson McBooks Press (October 01, 2008)

Painting a vivid and terrifying picture of war-torn Europe during World War II, this tale chronicles the lives of Anna, a Krakow university professor, and her husband Jan, a Polish cavalryman. After they are...


by Julian Stockwin McBooks Press (October 01, 2007)

This book finds Thomas Kydd aboard Tenacious, part of a small squadron commanded by Vice Admiral Horatio Nelson. Its mission is to scour the Mediterranean and locate Napoleon and his army. Kydd's newly fired...

Tomorrow the World

by John Biggins McBooks Press (September 01, 2007)

Laced with smart humor, this naval tale follows the early career of Lieutenant Otto Prohaska, a cadet in the Austro–Hungarian Navy at the turn of the century. Bad luck continues to shadow Otto, and when a...

Two-Headed Eagle

by John Biggins McBooks Press (November 01, 2006)

It is the summer of 1916 and, as luck would have it, Otto is assigned to the nascent, unreliable, and utterly frightening Imperial and Royal Austro-Hungarian Flying Service. Ottto's aerial chauffeur is the self-willed...

Sand of the Arena

by James Duffy McBooks Press (October 01, 2006)

In AD 63 the long arm of the Roman Empire stretches across the European continent and the gladiatorial games are awash in blood and glory. For Quintus Honorius Romanus, son of one of the richest men in Rome,...

Gun Ketch

by Dewey Lambdin McBooks Press (September 01, 2006)

It's 1786 and Alan Lewrie has his own ship at last, the Alacrity. Small but deadly, the Alacrity prowls the waters of the Caribbean, protecting British merchants from pirates. But Lewrie is still the same old...

Emperor's Coloured Coat

by John Biggins McBooks Press (May 01, 2006)

This book follows the hapless Lieutenant Otto Prohaska in the waning years of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and finds Otto taking an ill-considered break from duties to engage in a mad fling with a Polish actress....

Beyond the Reef

by Alexander Kent McBooks Press (October 01, 2005)

March 1806: Napoleon holds Portugal and threatens his old ally Spain. Vice-Admiral Sir Richard Bolitho is dispatched once more to the Cape of Good Hope to establish a permanent naval force.

For Valour

by Douglas Reeman McBooks Press (June 01, 2005)

Odds are long for the British destroyers assigned to escort vital northern convoys through the bitter Arctic Sea in the bloodiest days of WWII. Commander Graham Martineau, still haunted by the loss of his ship...

Escape from Hell

by V. A. Stuart McBooks Press (April 01, 2005)

With the Sepoy Mutiny still threatening British lives in India, Commander Phillip Hazard volunteers to accompany a special army force to rescue the besieged British garrison at Ghorabad. Hazard and the men of...

Knife Edge

by Douglas Reeman McBooks Press (March 01, 2005)

After the murder of his father, Lieutenant-Colonel Mike Blackwood, Ross Blackwood finds himself assigned to the Far East, taking on rebels and illegal-arms dealers in Hong Kong and Malaysia. Along the way he...

Halfhyde Ordered South

by Philip McCutchan McBooks Press (March 01, 2005)

The old iron-clad Meridian steams south on her last journey under the British flag, on route to her new home in the Chilean Navy. Using the transfer of the ship as cover, Halfhyde and Watkiss are on a covert...

Guns to the Far East

by V. A. Stuart McBooks Press (February 01, 2005)

The Crimean War has ended at last, and Phillip Hazard finds himself in China, serving under the fiery Commodore Keppel. The British pull off a rousing victory against a Chinese junk fleet at Fatsham Creek, but...

Halfhyde for the Queen

by Philip McCutchan McBooks Press (January 01, 2005)

In Andalusia, Lieutenant St Vincent Halfhyde is sent by the unpredictable Captain Watkiss on a secret mission ashore: to aid the Queen's Messenger who is being pursued by nefarious Spanish agents. But when Halfhyde...

Only Life That Mattered

by James L. Nelson McBooks Press (October 01, 2004)

Fed up with an outlaw existence, Calico Jack Rackam swears off the pirate life, until he meets Anne Bonny, a woman who would as soon stab a man as give him a good tumble—that is, unless he's a pirate. Soon...

Man of War

by Alexander Kent McBooks Press (September 01, 2004)

In 1817 every harbor and estuary in Antigua is filled with ghostly ships, superfluous in the aftermath of war. In this uneasy peace, Adam Bolitho is offered the 74-gun Athena, a notoriously "unlucky" ship, and...

Halfhyde and the Guns of Arrest

by Philip McCutchan McBooks Press (September 01, 2004)

Royal Navy Lieutenant St Vincent Halfhyde is once again despatched to Africa. This time his mission is to help capture a British traitor who carries secret blueprints of British warships. Assisted by a Scotland...

Halfhyde at the Bight of Benin

by Philip McCutchan McBooks Press (April 01, 2004)

It's the 1890s and Royal Navy Lieutenant St Vincent Halfhyde finds himself out of favor with the Navy and on half-pay ashore when he is summoned to the Admiralty. His mission: to sail to the Bight of Benin in...

Hazard's Command

by V. A. Stuart McBooks Press (February 01, 2004)

The Crimean War is at its peak as the winter of 1854 sets in, and Commander Phillip Hazard of the 31-gun, steam-screw frigate Trojan is sent to bring troop reinforcements from Constantinople to Eupatoria. On...

Dead Reckoning

by C. Northcote Parkinson McBooks Press (October 01, 2003)

Captain Richard Delancey heads for the East Indies on the 32-gun frigate Laura to take part in the capture of the Cape of Good Hope. His ingenious tactics gain the attention of his superiors, who recruit him...


by Douglas Reeman McBooks Press (September 01, 2003)

It's 1943, and the seas are haunted by Hitler's deadly U-boats and cruisers. After the mysterious death of the Reliant's last captain, Guy Sherbrooke is given command of the legendary battlecruiser. A symbol...

Valiant Sailors

by V. A. Stuart McBooks Press (July 01, 2003)

Sailing beneath the ominous cloud of war between Turkey and Russia, the frigate Trojan is on her way to the Black Sea, carrying on board a mysterious passenger, a young woman whose identity must be concealed...

Dust on the Sea

by Douglas Reeman McBooks Press (February 01, 2003)

The Mediterranean, 1943: At long last the British Army has won a victory, and Rommel's Afrika Korps is in retreat. Into this new phase of the war comes Captain Mike Blackwood, Royal Marine Commando. Already...

Heroic Garrison

by V. A. Stuart McBooks Press (February 01, 2003)

General Havelock's Moveable Column—a force of barely a thousand men--has fought its way through to the heroic garrison defending the Residency in Lucknow. They must hold firm until the relieving force reaches...


by Douglas Reeman McBooks Press (October 01, 2002)

World War I, 1915, Jonathan Blackwood fights from the sea, supported by the Royal Navy in the battlefields of the Dardanelles and Gallipoli, watching the slaughter mounting around him, helpless to save either...

First to Land

by Douglas Reeman McBooks Press (April 01, 2002)

Captain David Blackwood is embroiled in the Boxer Rebellion. Ordered to escort a beautiful German countess on a dangerous journey up the Hoshun River, Blackwood sees death and slaughter unlike anything he has...

Badge of Glory

by Douglas Reeman McBooks Press (April 01, 2002)

Travel through Britain's military history with a proud seafaring family, the Blackwoods, and the service tradition in which they make their careers—the Royal Marines. Captain Philip Blackwood of the Royal...

French Admiral

by Dewey Lambdin McBooks Press (April 01, 2002)

Alan Lewrie is a scandalous young rake whose amorous adventures ashore lead to his being shipped off to the Navy. Lewrie finds that he is a born sailor, although life at sea is a stark contrast to the London...

Victors and Lords

by V. A. Stuart McBooks Press (October 01, 2001)

Unfairly forced out of the army for insubordination, Alexander Sheridan leaves Britain and his former life behind to command a unit of the East India Company. Despised by the aristocratic generals of the regular...

Sepoy Mutiny

by V. A. Stuart McBooks Press (October 01, 2001)

The sepoys, native soldiers serving in the British army, are massing in response to a prophecy predicting the end of the reign of the British East India Company. Alexander Sheridan—in command of a scratch...

Darkening Sea

by Alexander Kent McBooks Press (October 01, 2000)

Soon after taking part in the dramatic capture of Martinique in the Caribbean, Vice-Admiral Sir Richard Bolitho is next despatched to the African coast to gather a flotilla and stop French attacks on British...

For My Country's Freedom

by Alexander Kent McBooks Press (October 01, 2000)

War with Britain's former colony looms on the horizon, and Admiral Sir Richard Bolitho must lead a squadron against the powerful new ships of the United States navy. Supported by his loyal crew, Bolitho must...

Success to the Brave

by Alexander Kent McBooks Press (April 01, 2000)

Spring 1802, and the Peace Treaty of Amiens, signed only a few weeks earlier, is already showing signs of collapse. Britain and France wrangle over the return of colonial possessions won and lost during their...

Honour This Day

by Alexander Kent McBooks Press (April 01, 2000)

In September 1804, as England stands alone against France and the fleets of Spain, Vice-Admiral Richard Bolitho hoists his flag above the veteran Hyperion and sets sail with a new squadron for the Caribbean....

Colours Aloft!

by Alexander Kent McBooks Press (April 01, 2000)

Falmouth, September 1803: As Bolitho faces the grim reality of war at close quarters, he will be called upon to anticipate the strategies of the French fleet. But the conflict has also taken on a personal note,...

Flag Captain

by Alexander Kent McBooks Press (October 01, 1999)

April 1797, Falmouth Bay. As France continues her bitter struggle for supremacy on land and sea, the Royal Navy receives a crippling blow at home: the Great Mutiny. Returning home after eighteen-months' service,...

Signal—Close Action!

by Alexander Kent McBooks Press (October 01, 1999)

he year is 1798. Napoleon's naval forces are amassing in the Mediterranean, preparing to annex Egypt, and it is there the newly-promoted Commodore Richard Bolitho is sent with a small squadron of ships under...

Form Line of Battle!

by Alexander Kent McBooks Press (April 01, 1999)

The year is 1793, and England is once again at war. For Richard Bolitho, the renewal of hostilities with France means a fresh command and the chance for action after months of inactivity.

To Glory We Steer

by Alexander Kent McBooks Press (October 01, 1998)

Portsmouth, 1782. His Britannic Majesty's frigate, Phalarope, is ordered to assist the hard-pressed squadrons in the Caribbean. Aboard is her new commander—Richard Bolitho. To all appearances the Phalarope...

Stand Into Danger

by Alexander Kent McBooks Press (April 01, 1998)

In 1774, Richard Bolitho is a newly appointed Third Lieutenant, joining the 28-gun frigate Destiny. Dispatched on a secret mission, Destiny and her company face the hazards of conspiracy, treason, and piracy....

In Gallant Company

by Alexander Kent McBooks Press (April 01, 1998)

As the American Revolution rages on the mainland, the British Navy prepares for action at sea. Against a growing fleet of American and French privateers, the navy must maintain its blockade of Washington's vital...

Frank Mildmay or the Naval Officer

by Frederick Captain Marryat McBooks Press (September 01, 1997)

Frank Mildmay is a rogue and a rascal who cuts a memorable swath as he move up the ranks of the early 19th-century Royal navy. Whether seducing pretty girls ashore, braving hurricanes at sea or scrambling aboard...