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This Is Not a T-Shirt

by Bobby Hundreds Farrar, Straus and Giroux (June 25, 2019)

The story of The Hundreds and the precepts that made it an iconic streetwear brand by Bobby Hundreds himself

Streetwear occupies that rarefied space where genuine "cool" coexists with big business; where a star...

The Cure That Works

by Sean M. Flynn Regnery Publishing (June 18, 2019)

What’s the Most Important Fact About the Heathcare Crisis? That We Already Know the Cure! 

Whole Foods Markets, the State of Indiana, and innovators around the world have used forgotten American ideas to...

Real Estate Investing 101

by Michele Cagan Adams Media (June 11, 2019)

A comprehensive, accessible, and easy-to-understand guide to everything you need to know about real estate investing.

Real estate investing is a great way to build a business or make money on the side—and you...

Happy Money

by Ken Honda Gallery Books (June 04, 2019)

What Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up did for your living space, Ken Honda’s Happy Money will do for your wallet.

Ken Honda—Japan’s #1 bestselling personal development guru—knows...

The Sponsor Effect

by Sylvia Ann Hewlett Harvard Business Review Press (May 28, 2019)

Who's delivering for you? Who has your back? Who’s burnishing your brand and expanding what you can get done in this world?

Sponsorship is a two-way alliance where a leader partners with junior talent to build...

Hostile Money

by Paul Wilson The History Press (May 23, 2019)

Money is with us every day, in daily transactions, stores of wealth or measures of debts. It measures the comfort and security in which we live and reflects the level of development of the countries and communities...

Bitcoin Billionaires

by Ben Mezrich Flatiron Books (May 21, 2019)

From Ben Mezrich, the New York Times bestselling author of The Accidental Billionaires and Bringing Down the House, comes Bitcoin Billionaires--the fascinating story of brothers Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss's...

Closing the Sale

by Craig Christensen, Dennis Susa & Sean Frontz Mango (May 15, 2019)

Customer success leads to your success

If you liked Crucial ConversationsThe Challenger Sale or books by Grant Cardone, you’ll love Essential Secrets to Closing the Sale.

Guide the conversation: Closing...

A Field in Flux

by Robert B. McKersie & Thomas A. Kochan Cornell Publishing (May 15, 2019)

A Field in Flux chronicles the extraordinary journey of industrial and labor relations expert Robert McKersie. One of the most important industrial relations scholars and leaders of our time, McKersie pioneered...

How to Have a Happy Hustle

by Bec Evans Icon Books Ltd (May 09, 2019)

How to Have a Happy Hustle shares secrets from innovation experts and successful start-ups that you can use right now to come up with life-changing ideas and get them off the ground. Focusing on building both...

The Business of Cybersecurity

by Ashwini Sathnur Business Expert Press (May 07, 2019)

Cyber security could be defined as, beginning of the concept of trust and belief in cyber transactions. The era of computing began in the 20th century, with an enormous investment on computational research....

Grocery Story

by Jon Steinman New Society Publishers (May 07, 2019)

Hungry for change? Put the power of food co-ops on your plate and grow your local food economy.

Food has become ground-zero in our efforts to increase awareness of how our choices impact the world. Yet while...

Every Tool's a Hammer

by Adam Savage Atria Books (May 07, 2019)


“An imperative how-to for creativity.” —Nick Offerman

Adam Savage—star of Discovery Channel’s Mythbusters and one of the most beloved figures in science and tech—shares...

The Lean Law Firm

by Larry Port & Dave Maxfield American Bar Association (May 01, 2019)

It's a difficult world for law firms these days. Client demands, increased competition, and the distractions of technology can put pressure on any business. Law firms who attempt to respond with "traditional"...

Marketing Hope

by Leonie Schiffauer Berghahn Books (May 01, 2019)

Multilevel marketing and pyramid schemes promote the idea that participants can easily become rich. These popular economies turn ordinary people into advocates of their interests and missionaries of the American...

HBR's 10 Must Reads on Negotiation

by Harvard Business Review Harvard Business Review Press (April 30, 2019)

This book provides the essential ideas on how to be strategic and successful in all stages of negotiation, from preparation, reading the room, keeping heads cool, reaching a deal, and ensuring it is executed....

HBR's 10 Must Reads on Diversity

by Harvard Business Review Harvard Business Review Press (April 30, 2019)

In today's competitive hiring market, you can't risk excluding or alienating talented employees--regardless of their gender, race, class, or physical ability. Bias can seep into the deepest corners of your workplace...

Connected Strategy

by Nicolaj Siggelkow & Christian Terwiesch Harvard Business Review Press (April 30, 2019)

The Internet of Things, robo investment advisers, wearable fitness devices, remote health care operations . . . business executives in many industries are currently being inundated with a confusingly and exhaustingly...

HBR's 10 Must Reads for CEOs

by Harvard Business Review Harvard Business Review Press (April 23, 2019)

A Must Reads for CEOs--everything that's on their radar--or that should be.

  • CEOs have been a core HBR audience for decades. This is an opportunity to curate--and flag--a volume just for them.
  • The ideal volume...

HBR's 10 Must Reads on Nonprofits and the Social Sectors

by Harvard Business Review Harvard Business Review Press (April 23, 2019)

Nonprofits and the social sectors are taking on an increasing share of the world's most vital work. Make sure your organization is ready for the challenge.

If you read nothing else on nonprofits and the social...

Everything All at Once

by David Weinberger Harvard Business Review Press (April 23, 2019)

The future isn't a place. It's a set of tools. For three hundred years we've lived with Isaac Newton's tools, designed for a clockwork universe where the rules are simple, knowable, and apply the same way everywhere....

HBR Guide to Work-Life Balance

by Harvard Business Review Harvard Business Review Press (April 16, 2019)

You can have it all. You can't have it all. Balance your work and your life. There is no balance. Prioritize! Manage your time!

With so much conflicting advice and so many demands on your time, it's no wonder...


by Abby Wambach Celadon Books (April 09, 2019)

Based on her inspiring, viral 2018 commencement speech to Barnard College’s graduates in New York City, New York Times bestselling author, two-time Olympic gold medalist and FIFA World Cup champion Abby Wambach...

Big Business

by Tyler Cowen St. Martin's Press (April 09, 2019)

An against-the-grain polemic on American capitalism from New York Times bestselling author Tyler Cowen.

We love to hate the 800-pound gorilla. Walmart and Amazon destroy communities and small businesses. Facebook...

Keep Going

by Austin Kleon Workman Publishing Company (April 02, 2019)

Keep Working. Keep Playing. Keep Creating.

In his previous books Steal Like an Artist and Show Your Work!, both New York Times bestsellers, Austin Kleon gave readers the keys to unlock their creativity and showed...

Nine Lies about Work

by Marcus Buckingham & Ashley Goodall Harvard Business Review Press (April 02, 2019)

Strengths guru and bestselling author Marcus Buckingham and Cisco Team Intelligence head Ashley Goodall call out nine big lies running through our organizational lives, reveal the core truths of the real world...

Planning Labour

by Alina-Sandra Cucu Berghahn Books (April 01, 2019)

Impoverished, indebted, and underdeveloped at the close of World War II, Romania underwent dramatic changes as part of its transition to a centrally planned economy. Like the Soviet Union, it pursued a policy...

HBR Guide to Your Professional Growth

by Harvard Business Review Harvard Business Review Press (March 26, 2019)

The Guide to directing your own professional growth: from identifying your strengths and weaknesses, to setting goals, to identifying training opportunities, to finding a learning community.

  • Helps readers chart...


by Safi Bahcall St. Martin's Press (March 19, 2019)

*Wall Street Journal bestseller

*Next Big Idea Club selection—chosen by Malcolm Gladwell, Susan Cain, Dan Pink, and Adam Grant as one of the "two most groundbreaking new nonfiction reads of the season"


Basic Welding for Farm and Ranch

by William Galvery & Michael Martindell Storey Publishing, LLC (March 19, 2019)

Farmers, ranchers, and homesteaders who know how to weld can repair and even fabricate some equipment on their own, saving both time and money. Basic Welding for Farm and Ranch introduces this crucial skill...

Student Loan Solution

by David Carlson Mango (March 15, 2019)

Lower Your Student Loan Debt

Personalize your approach to student loans: Those who have student loans, especially those with a lot of student loans, need to approach their finances differently than those who...

Mindful Listening (HBR Emotional Intelligence Series)

by Harvard Business Review Harvard Business Review Press (March 05, 2019)

A carefully curated selection of articles about how to listen more empathically and actively from Harvard Business Review.

  • Highly curated collections of HBR articles.
  • Teaches active and empathetic listening.
  • Helps...

Confidence (HBR Emotional Intelligence Series)

by Harvard Business Review Harvard Business Review Press (March 05, 2019)

A carefully curated selection of articles about building confidence from Harvard Business Review.

  • Highly curated collections of HBR articles.
  • Provides research on the benefits to confidence and practical advice...

The Granite Men

by Jim Fiddes The History Press (March 01, 2019)

The great granite quarries of the North East are silent now, as are virtually all of the 100 granite yards that existed in Aberdeen around the year 1900. Granite is the most unyielding of building materials...

Being the Boss, with a New Preface

by Linda A. Hill & Kent Lineback Harvard Business Review Press (February 26, 2019)

You never dreamed being the boss would be so hard. You're caught in a web of conflicting expectations from subordinates, your supervisor, peers, and customers.

You're not alone. As Harvard Business School's Linda...

Becoming a Manager

by Linda A. Hill Harvard Business Review Press (February 26, 2019)

In your career, or anyone's, there is one transition that stands out as the most crucial--going from individual performer to competent manager.

New managers have to learn how to lead others rather than do the...

Conducting Personal Network Research

by Christopher McCarty, Miranda J. Lubbers, Raffaele Vacca & Jose Luis Molina The Guilford Press (February 22, 2019)

Written at an introductory level, and featuring engaging case examples, this book reviews the theory and practice of personal and egocentric network research. This approach offers powerful tools for capturing...

Why Do So Many Incompetent Men Become Leaders?

by Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic Harvard Business Review Press (February 19, 2019)

Look around your office. Turn on the TV. Incompetent leadership is everywhere, and there's no denying it.

There's also no denying that women make up only a tiny handful of senior leaders worldwide.

In this provocative...

How Finance Works

by Mihir Desai Harvard Business Review Press (February 12, 2019)

Based on the popular HBS MOOC, "Leading with Finance," this is a hands-on and extensive guide to the ins and outs of finance for people who aren't versed in numbers but need to be--an HBR Guide on steroids.

  • Uber-practical:...

  • The Harvard Business Review Good Charts Collection

    by Scott Berinato Harvard Business Review Press (January 29, 2019)

    Two books to help individuals and teams learn about and apply the principles of data visualization.

    • Sharp, motivating assessment of the dataviz-for-business context
    • Strong value-proposition for both personal effectiveness...

    Innovating Innovation

    by David Morey Mango (January 15, 2019)

    Breakthrough Innovation Tools for Successful Leadership

    Innovation needs innovation: Innovation is broken. Business leadership and management struggle to find ways to crack through their own corporate politics...

    ConnectED Leaders

    by Brian Creasman, Bernadine Futrell & Trish Rubin Rowman & Littlefield Publishers (January 12, 2019)

    ConnectED Leaders is a call to action for superintendents and school system leaders to grow lead and engage in professional leadership networks. The book is based on principles developed in our professional...

    The Freelance Mum: A flexible career guide for better work-life balance

    by Annie Ridout Fourth Estate (January 10, 2019)

    More time with your kids, making the money you know you’re worth and a better work/life balance. No wonder more women than ever are choosing to be become freelance mums.

    In the last decade, 70% more mums...

    Fear Hack

    by Hilary Gallo Unbound Digital (January 10, 2019)

    What happens if we turn fear around and look at it from a different angle? If we welcome what scares us in, as our friend, what does it become and where does it help us go?

    Good Charts to Get Backed

    by Scott Berinato, Evan Baehr & Evan Loomis Harvard Business Review Press (January 01, 2019)

    Two books to help you craft your story, design better visualizations, impress your audience, and turn your idea into reality.

    • Provides the new "how to write a business case" for the start-up generation.
    • Great...

    Management by Seclusion

    by Glynn Cochrane Berghahn Books (January 01, 2019)

    50 years ago, World Bank President Robert McNamara promised to end poverty. Alleviation was to rely on economic growth, resulting in higher incomes stimulated by Bank loans processed by deskbound Washington...

    Good Charts Workbook

    by Scott Berinato Harvard Business Review Press (January 01, 2019)

    A useful tool to help individuals and teams put theory into practice and apply the principles laid out in Good Charts.

    • Puts Good Charts theory into practice
    • Step-by-step guidance on creating and improving charts...

    Storey's Guide to Raising Pigs, 4th Edition

    by Kelly Klober Storey Publishing, LLC (December 25, 2018)

    Stressing the importance of sustainable and environmentally friendly farming practices, farmer Kelly Klober provides expert advice on making any size hog operation more efficient and profitable in Storey’s...

    HBR's 10 Must Reads on AI, Analytics, and the New Machine Age (with bonus article "Why Every Company Needs an Augmented Reality Strategy" by Michael E. Porter and James E. Heppelmann)

    by Harvard Business Review, Michael E. Porter, Thomas H. Davenport & Paul Daugherty et al. Harvard Business Review Press (December 24, 2018)

    AI and data analytics are powering a wave of technological innovations--understand them, cut through the hype, and seize the opportunities.

    If you read nothing else on how intelligent machines are revolutionizing...

    HBR Guide to Thinking Strategically (HBR Guide Series)

    by Harvard Business Review Harvard Business Review Press (December 18, 2018)

    The essential guide for managers to learn how to think strategically, focus on the big picture, and develop the mindset they need to be ready to step up to leadership.

    • Shows managers how to develop their strategic...