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I Had to Survive

by Roberto Canessa & Pablo Vierci Atria Books (March 01, 2016)

Dr. Roberto Canessa recounts his side of the famous 1972 plane crash of Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571 in the Andean Mountains and how, decades later, the harrowing journey to survive propelled him to become...


by Trabian Shorters, Ben Jealous & Russell Simmons Atria Books (February 03, 2015)

A New York Times and Washington Post Bestseller

In this timely and important collection of personal essays, black men from all walks of life share their inspiring stories and ultimately how each, in his own...

The Lives of Others

by Jessica Buchanan, Hannah Luce, Katherine Preston & Reyna Grande et al. Atria Books (July 16, 2013)

The Lives of Others: Discover the Hidden Lives of Some of Our Favorite Atria Authors

Socrates boldly proclaimed “the unexamined life is not worth living.” At Atria, we think that the examined life is worth...

Killing Willis

by Todd Bridges & Sarah Tomlinson Atria Books (April 01, 2010)

The former child star—best known as Willis Jackson on Diff’rent Strokes—shares the shocking but inspirational details of his struggles with addiction, brushes with the law, and fierce fight to carve a...

Not Just the Levees Broke

by Phyllis Montana-Leblanc & Spike Lee Atria Books (August 19, 2008)

Called "one of the rawest specimens of classic Nawlins spitfire you'll ever find" by Newsweek, and featured in Spike Lee's HBO documentary When the Levees Broke, Phyllis Montana-Leblanc gives an astounding and...

All I Could Bare

by Craig Seymour Atria Books (June 17, 2008)


I felt that I'd made a transformation as surely...

Petal Pusher

by Laurie Lindeen Atria Books (May 08, 2007)

Set in the years between the meteoric launches of Madonna and Courtney Love, Petal Pusher takes readers on a stirring journey across rock and roll, from the big-haired 1980s to the grunge-filled 1990s, when...

Keep Climbing

by Sean Swarner Atria Books (February 20, 2007)

The 29,035-foot giant known as Mount Everest tortures its challengers with life-threatening conditions such as 100 mph winds, the dramatic loss of oxygen, snowstorms, and deadly avalanches. Climbers of Everest...

Patriotic Treason

by Evan Carton Atria Books (August 29, 2006)

John Brown is a lightning rod of history. Yet he is poorly understood and most commonly described in stereotypes -- as a madman, martyr, or enigma. Not until Patriotic Treason has a biography or history brought...

Hillbilly Gothic

by Adrienne Martini Atria Books (June 27, 2006)

"My family has a grand tradition. After a woman gives birth, she goes mad. I thought that I would be the one to escape."

So begins Adrienne Martini's candid, compelling, and darkly humorous history of her family's...

Not Buying It

by Judith Levine Atria Books (February 28, 2006)

Many of us have tried to call a halt to our spending at one time or another. But what if we decided not to buy anything for a whole year? Obviously, we would need necessities like food and soap, but how would...

The Heart Speaks

by Mimi Guarneri Atria Books (January 24, 2006)


Every day, 2,600 Americans die of cardiovascular disease -- one person every thirty-three...

A Hungry Heart

by Gordon Parks Atria Books (November 01, 2005)

Gordon Parks, acclaimed photographer, filmmaker, composer, and author of fiction and nonfiction, has participated in, been witness to, and documented many of the major events in the twentieth and the twenty-first...

One of a Kind

by Peter Alson, Nolan Dalla & Mike Sexton Atria Books (June 28, 2005)

Stuey Ungar, the son of a Lower East Side bookie, grew up in a New York of the 1950s and '60s that was straight out of Damon Runyon. By his early teens, he had dropped out of high school and was spending most...

Rolling Away

by Lynn Marie Smith Atria Books (May 03, 2005)

Lynn Smith never wanted to be an addict. It just happened. One day, she was living a so-called normal life, and the next she woke up to reality. In the mirror she saw the face of a grinning skull and, in her...

A Private Family Matter

by Victor Rivas Rivers Atria Books (April 26, 2005)

"This is a story about how I was saved by love at a time when most people considered me beyond rescue," begins Victor Rivas Rivers in this powerful chronicle of how he escaped the war zone of domestic violence...

Elvis Presley

by Pamela Clarke Keogh Atria Books (July 06, 2004)

That voice, those eyes, that hair, the cars, the girls...Elvis Presley revolutionized American pop culture when, at the age of twenty-one, he became the world's first modern superstar. A Memphis Beau Brummel...

Tales from the Bed

by Valerie Estess, Jenifer Estess & Katie Couric Atria Books (May 18, 2004)

Jenifer Estess is a woman on the verge: She's about to launch her own company; she's looking buff and dating vigorously; she's driving in the fast lane -- with the top down. At the age of thirty-five, Jenifer...

Love & Death

by Max Wallace & Ian Halperin Atria Books (April 03, 2004)

A stunning and groundbreaking investigation into the death of one of the great rock icons of our times -- revealing new evidence that points to a terrible conclusion.

On Friday, April 8, 1994, a body was discovered...

Revealing Jewel

by Cambria Jensen, Kenneth Calhoun & Atz Lee Kilcher Atria Books (June 03, 2003)

She has been called "one of the most richly idiomatic female pop singers of her generation" by Rolling Stone magazine. Translation: Jewel speaks to millions of fans of all ages through her award-winning music...

Fire in My Soul

by Eleanor Holmes Norton, Joan Steinau Lester & Coretta Scott King Atria Books (January 07, 2003)

Here is the remarkable story of U.S. Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton -- impassioned civil rights activist, hard-driving legislator, and one of the most powerful women in American history.

They call her...


by Mineko Iwasaki & Rande Brown Atria Books (October 01, 2002)


"No woman in the three-hundred-year history of the karyukai has ever come forward in public to tell her story. We have been constrained by unwritten rules not to do so, by the robes of tradition...


by Lizzie Simon Atria Books (June 25, 2002)

A finely wrought memoir of mental health, Detour takes a genre explored by Susanna Kaysen and Kay Redfield Jamison and propels it in a revelatory and rebellious new direction.

Detour is the extraordinary first...

Deep Descent

by Kevin F. McMurray Atria Books (June 25, 2002)

On a foggy July evening in 1956, the Italian cruise liner Andrea Doria, bound for New York, was struck broadside by another vessel. In eleven hours, she would sink nearly 250 feet to the murky Atlantic Ocean...

Chasing Tiger

by Curt Sampson Atria Books (May 28, 2002)

All eat from the bowl of life. Tiger Woods just has a bigger spoon.

So writes Curt Sampson in his ground-breaking account of the current state of golf. Tiger Woods has changed golf forever. His mix of power...

Healing Lazarus

by Lewis Richmond Atria Books (March 26, 2002)

Lazarus lies in his bed, helpless to move. But he sees now that he is not alone. His beloved wife is with him, all of his relatives and closest friends. They mop his brow; they change his clothes and linen....

Still Waters

by Jennifer Lauck Atria Books (October 02, 2001)

Anger is a poison ivy in the heart and if it grows unchecked, it covers all the soft spaces where you love and understand and feel joy.

There's power in anger, sure, a power that can help you survive.

But true...