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The Richest Man In Babylon - Original Edition

by George S Clason Bookjack (October 24, 2020)

The Richest Man in Babylon, based on ?Babylonian parables?, has been hailed as the greatest of all inspirational works on the subject of thrift, financial planning, and personal wealth. In simple language, these...

Everglades City

by Maureen Sullivan-Hartung Arcadia Publishing (October 26, 2020)

Today's Everglades City was originally called "Everglade" when it was but a vast formidable wilderness. Following county namesake Barron Gift Collier's arrival and subsequent establishment of both the county...

Bucks County Trolleys

by Mike Szilagyi Arcadia Publishing (October 26, 2020)

Bucks County, Pennsylvania, was once served by 120 miles of trolley lines. During the decades spanning the 1890s to 1950s, a variety of trolley cars glided through Bucks County's towns and countryside, beginning...


by Lynn Arave Arcadia Publishing (October 26, 2020)

Layton was settled in 1850 by pioneers in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. An outgrowth of Kaysville, Layton separated in 1902 following a 20-year legal battle. The city incorporated in 1920....

Fort Carson

by Angela Thaden Hahn & Joseph E. Berg Arcadia Publishing (October 26, 2020)

Army scout Kit Carson rode the Southwest in many capacities. He served and retired in Colorado, and so Fort Carson is appropriately named. On land once traversed by Lt. Zebulon Pike, Camp Carson was constructed...

Traditional Country & Western Music

by Karl Anderson Arcadia Publishing (October 26, 2020)

Traditional Country & Western Music presents historical photographs, memorabilia, and stories about an enduring music genre that took root in America from the late 1920s through the mid-1930s. Although many...

Soldiers National Cemetery at Gettysburg

by Jarrad Fuoss & Jared Frederick Arcadia Publishing (October 26, 2020)

In early June 1863, the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia launched a summer campaign that brought horrific war to the town of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. In just over three days of cataclysmic battle, 51,000...

Lincoln's Wartime Tours from Washington, D.C.

by John W. Schildt The History Press (October 26, 2020)

Abraham Lincoln spent much of his presidency traveling. His visits to Antietam to issue the Emancipation Proclamation and to Pennsylvania for the famed Gettysburg Address are well remembered. During the course...

The Brave Little Tailor

by Brothers Grimm & Margaret Hunt Saga Egmont (October 25, 2020)

There was once a tailor who killed seven flies at one stroke. He was so proud of himself that he made a belt embroidered with the words "Seven at one stroke". Then a giant saw the tailor and he thought that...

Little Red Riding Hood

by Brothers Grimm & Margaret Hunt Saga Egmont (October 25, 2020)

There lived once one little girl who most of us know by the name "Little Red Riding Hood". Do you know why she was called like that? Because she was wearing all the time the red hood she got from her grandmother....

Fitcher's Bird

by Brothers Grimm & Margaret Hunt Saga Egmont (October 25, 2020)

There lived once an evil sorcerer who went from door to door pretending to be a poor man in need of help. When a pretty girl opened her home for him, he would compel her to jump into his basket. This happened...

The Juniper-Tree

by Brothers Grimm & Margaret Hunt Saga Egmont (October 25, 2020)

A step-mother hates her son so badly that she kills him. Her daughter manages to hide her step-brothers bones which she buries under a juniper-tree. The tree is however magical and more special than any other...


by Brothers Grimm & Margaret Hunt Saga Egmont (October 25, 2020)

A miller?s daughter is taken to the king?s castle. He has heard that she can spin straw into gold and he wants to see if it really is true. Can it be? What do you think? Well it wasn?t but the girl had luck...

The Singing, Springing Lark

by Brothers Grimm & Margaret Hunt Saga Egmont (October 25, 2020)

A father was going to head out on a long journey and he asked his three daughters what they wanted him to bring them back. His two older daughters wanted beautiful and shiny things while the youngest wanted...

The Blue Light

by Brothers Grimm & Margaret Hunt Saga Egmont (October 25, 2020)

One poor soldier wanders around not having a single coin, nor anything to eat. He meets one old lady and he begs food from her. The woman helps him but it turns out that she is not an ordinary person. She is...

The Four Skillful Brothers

by Brothers Grimm & Margaret Hunt Saga Egmont (October 25, 2020)

Four brothers learn four different trades. They travel home to show their father the skills they have developed. And then suddenly a princess is taken away by a dragon. Of course the brothers would step in and...

One-Eye, Two-Eyes, and Three-Eyes

by Brothers Grimm & Margaret Hunt Saga Egmont (October 25, 2020)

Once lived three unordinary sisters. The first one was only with one eye. You can guess what her name was. The second one, the most normal of them three, had two eyes. The youngest had three eyes. Two-Eyes was...

Iron John

by Brothers Grimm & Margaret Hunt Saga Egmont (October 25, 2020)

Something frightening and unexplainable happens in the near forest. The king keeps sending his huntsmen there and they keep on not coming back. Some creature is apparently killing them. Years later a brave young...

The Goose-Girl at the Well

by Brothers Grimm & Margaret Hunt Saga Egmont (October 25, 2020)

Can your life change when you give a helping hand? You can never know before you do it, right? Without expecting anything, a rich count offered help to an old lady carrying a heavy burden. The gift he got in...

Eve's Various Children

by Brothers Grimm & Margaret Hunt Saga Egmont (October 25, 2020)

This story goes back to the very first people on Earth, Adam and Eve, and their children. When God decided to pay a visit to them, Eve hided those children she meant were ugly. God blessed Adam and Eve?s beautiful...

Yukako - Erotic Short Story

by Sandra Norrbin Lust (October 25, 2020)

Delirium is a place for sex and BDSM, a haven for anyone who, much like Yukako, finds themselves in a sexual borderland. At Delirium, lust is welcome and embraced. Anyone who might have been called different,...

The Grey Woman 

by Elizabeth Gaskell Saga Egmont (October 25, 2020)

Anna, a German mill-owner?s daughter, marries a French aristocrat and moves to France. She discovers that her husband killed his previous wife and that he is trying to kill her as well. Quick, intriguing, and...

The Green Rust

by Edgar Wallace Saga Egmont (October 25, 2020)

What seems at first sight to be just another murder mystery is quickly revealed to be of international importance. Bio-terrorists threaten the release of an agent that will destroy the world's corn crops, but...

The Millionaire Baby

by Anna Katharine Green Saga Egmont (October 25, 2020)

Five thousand dollars is offered in reward to whomever finds the six-year-old heiress, Gwendolen Ocumpaugh, who has disappeared mysteriously from her home. Mr. Trevitt, a private detective, is on the case and...

The Secret House

by Edgar Wallace Saga Egmont (October 25, 2020)

Inspector T.B. Smith of Scotland Yard has got a lot on his plate. Two men are found shot to death outside the door of a millionaire, who happens to live just a few doors down from Smith himself. And a terrifying...

The Expressman and the Detective

by Allan Pinkerton Saga Egmont (October 25, 2020)

"All history proves that no one can hug a secret to his breast and live (...) This is especially noticeable in persons who have committed criminal acts." When a trusted employee is suspected of stealing from...

The Innocence of Father Brown

by G. K. Chesterton Saga Egmont (October 25, 2020)

"Men may keep a sort of level of good, but no man has ever been able to keep on one level of evil. That road goes down and down." A rich, old man has been mysteriously stabbed, and no one can figure out how...

The Leavenworth Case

by Anna Katharine Green Saga Egmont (October 25, 2020)

The wealthy businessman Horatio Leavenworth is found dead in his private library with a bullet in his head. Nothing in the house is broken. Nothing is stolen. All signs point to an inside job. But who did it?...

The House in the Mist

by Anna Katharine Green Saga Egmont (October 25, 2020)

"Enter, sir; you are the first to arrive..." When young traveller Hugh Austen, hungry and weather-beaten, seeks refuge in a lonely mansion, he finds himself entwined in the gruesome business of an appalling...

The Shuttle

by Frances Hodgson Burnett Saga Egmont (October 25, 2020)

Smart and intuitive, Bettina is not fooled by Sir Nigel, the English aristocrat, who has come to New York to marry her sweet and naïve older sister Rosalie. And rightly so: Sir Nigel is cruel and selfish and...

The Hound of the Baskervilles

by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Saga Egmont (October 25, 2020)

When Sir Charles Baskerville dies suddenly from a heart attack, a rumour of a deadly, supernatural giant dog, who may have been persecuted for generations, begins to circulate in the village. When Sir Henry...

The Prisoner of Zenda

by Anthony Hope Saga Egmont (October 25, 2020)

When the Gentleman, Rudolf Rassendyll, leaves behind his quiet English life for a little vacation, he has no idea was he is about the get involved in. ?The Prisoner of Zenda? (1894) may on the surface look like...

The Red Room

by August Strindberg Saga Egmont (October 25, 2020)

Arvid Falk is a young and idealistic government worker who always wanted to be a poet. When a journalist writes a newspaper exposé based on Arvid?s stories about his useless government department, Arvid is...

The Return of Tarzan

by Edgar Rice Burroughs Saga Egmont (October 25, 2020)

This follow-up to ?Tarzan of the Apes? begins where the first novel ended, with Tarzan?s beloved Jane set to marry his cousin. Disappointed in love, Tarzan leaves for Europe, and after a bit of trouble, becomes...

The Secret Garden

by Frances Hodgson Burnett Saga Egmont (October 25, 2020)

"Two worst things as can happen to a child is never to have his own way - or always to have it." When her parents die, Mary, spoiled, yet unloved, is shipped from India to England to live with her absent uncle....

The Water-Babies, A Fairy Tale for a Land Baby

by Charles Kingsley Saga Egmont (October 25, 2020)

Drowning was the best thing that ever happened to Tom. Before, he was just another poor orphan, employed by the evil chimney-sweep, Grimes, who beat and overworked him. But now, he has escaped that life and...

The Grand Babylon Hotel

by Arnold Bennett Saga Egmont (October 25, 2020)

When American millionaire Theodore Racksole impulsively purchases the luxurious Grand Babylon Hotel in London, a string of strange things start occurring. Amidst the many disappearances and deaths, Racksole...

The Slipper-Point Mystery

by Augusta Huiell Seaman Saga Egmont (October 25, 2020)

When fourteen-year old Sally Carter meets a new friend, Doris Craig, she shares a secret place, she has discovered on Slipper Point. Neither Sally nor Doris can possibly imagine where this intriguing mystery...

The Lost World

by Arthur Conan Doyle Saga Egmont (October 25, 2020)

Wanting to impress a woman, journalist Ned Malone sets out to interview the hostile professor George Challenger, who claims to have discovered living dinosaurs in South America. Though they get off on the wrong...

The Exploits of Brigadier Gerard

by Arthur Conan Doyle Saga Egmont (October 25, 2020)

Gerard is a downright legend. At least in his own mind. Old and retired, the French brigadier muses over past adventures serving in the Napoleonic wars, and while he certainly should not be called a liar......

Night-night, Baby

by Tang DaSeng & Lemon Novel Funstory (October 21, 2020)

A black dragon had somehow made her become his woman. The marriage between the two families, however, was a coincidence that they almost became a family.

"What happened to that little bun?"


Pregnant Wife Comes

by Meng HuoHuo & Lemon Novel Funstory (October 21, 2020)

When Mr. Gu met the love of his life, the woman was chatting happily with another man. To rob or not to rob was a problem. When this question was placed in front of Mr. Gu, he smiled and said, "Take it."……...

Love Of Warm Marriage

by Sheng Sheng & Lemon Novel Funstory (October 21, 2020)

Never in her wildest dreams would Xiao Mu Qing imagine that the first thing he would do after carefully taking care of her vegetable husband for three years would be to push her into another man's bed …...

Kiss You, Sweetheart

by Duo DuoMa & Lemon Novel Funstory (October 21, 2020)

Due to the drunkenness, Lin Qiumi and Su Yicheng had a night of love.

Two months later, she brazenly approached him.

"How much do you want?"

"It's not for you, it's for you!" My little...

Promise You Love In Marriage

by Gou Qi & Lemon Novel Funstory (October 21, 2020)

To Lu Xiaoxiao, her life was dark. She had lost her parents when she was very young, and her adoptive father was an old gambler. The casino had lost a thousand men, and he still owed her two hundred thousand...

Sweet Marriage: Babe, Kiss Me Goodnight

by He AnSheng & Lemon Novel Funstory (October 21, 2020)

Rumor has it that the parent of the Division, Sun Zongjiao, has an ugly appearance and is suffering from a hidden disease. She believed in evil and married her half-sister. However... The rumors were wrong!


Boss Chases His Wife: Don’t Run

by Mei LiDePiNang & Lemon Novel Funstory (October 21, 2020)

New article, cheating 99 times, wrongly married president super meeting has started. The first time she was dragged into the hospital and became his girlfriend. The second time he dragged her into the hospital...

Mr.CEO Wants Hugs

by Duo DuoMa & Lemon Novel Funstory (October 21, 2020)

An Ran faced the double betrayal of her boyfriend and best friend. In order to retake the studio her boyfriend had taken away from her, she signed a contract to marry Leng Yinfeng. He fell in love with her and...

CEO's Contract New Wife

by Ai MuXi & Lemon Novel Funstory (October 21, 2020)

A kidnapping that made her a substitute bride. An agreement was made that she would not be allowed to replace the plan to give birth to a child.

CEO's Marriage Trap So Sweet

by Mei LiDePiNang & Lemon Novel Funstory (October 21, 2020)

In a moment of rapture, she climbed onto the handsome Xu Family's second young master who was as rich as a nation. What a nice thing to do!

Just as he was about to slip away, he found out that he was actually...