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A Quaint and Curious Volume: Tales and Poems of the Gothic

by Sarah Perry William Collins (September 12, 2019)

Introduced by Sarah Perry, the best-selling author of The Essex Serpent.

Uncanny. Mysterious. Eerie. Gothic.

It draws us in with its air of mystery and repels us with its violence and darkness. But who were...

The Woman I Kept to Myself

by Julia Alvarez A Shannon Ravenel Book (April 05, 2011)

75 Poems by the Author of How the García Girls Lost Their Accents and In the Time of the Butterflies

The works of this award-winning poet and novelist are rich with the language and influences of two cultures:...

The Kalevala

by Elias Lönnrot Open BookShelf (March 25, 2018)

The national folk epic of Finland is here presented in an English translation that is both scholarly and eminently readable. The lyrical passages and poetic images, the wry humor, the tall-tale extravagance,...

The Truth About Magic

by Atticus St. Martin's Publishing Group (September 10, 2019)

From the internationally bestselling author of The Dark Between Stars and Love Her Wild, Instagram sensation Atticus returns with another romantic and deeply moving collection.

In his third collection of poems,...


by Ran Walker Cool Empire Press (June 27, 2019)

Ed Nelson is struggling to recover from the devastating loss of his wife to cancer. As Ed’s depression begins to deepen, his older brother steps in to help him make the critical changes necessary to bring...

One Lark, One Horse

by Michael Hofmann Farrar, Straus and Giroux (July 16, 2019)

A new collection of poems by Michael Hofmann—his first in twenty years

Michael Hofmann, renowned as one of our most brilliant critics and translators, is also regarded as among our most respected poets. Hofmann’s...

The Best of the Bellevue Literary Review

by Danielle Ofri & Sherwin B. Nuland Bellevue Literary Press (February 01, 2008)

The Best of the BLR will include pieces by Rick Moody, David Lehman, Abraham Verghese, Floyd Skloot, Julia Alvarez, Rafael Campo, Rachel Hadas, Caroline Leavitt, Hollis Seamon, David Watts, Alicia Ostriker,...

Better Than Starbucks February 2018

by Better Than Starbucks Lulu.com (April 06, 2018)

The Interview with Jared Carter plus 7 New Poems and 3 Timeless Poems. Free Verse, Haiku, Formal Poetry, Poetry Translations, and more by Sydney Szwarc, Sergio A. Ortiz, Marc Carver, Hope Madden, Jaunita Cox,...

Out of Sequence: The Sonnets Remixed

by D. Gilson Parlor Press, LLC (June 01, 2016)


Out of Sequence: The Sonnets Remixed brings together 154 remixes of William Shakespeare’s 1609 sonnet sequence. If Shakespeare the auteur and his sonnets have influenced so much of how we think...


by Morgan Lucas Schuldt Parlor Press, LLC (March 28, 2006)

The poems in Morgan Lucas Schuldt’s debut collection, Verge, speak at once both brokenly and reparably of the body, of its lusts and devotions, its violences and “satisflictions.” Schuldt’s lyrics exploit...

Bone Willows

by James Engelhardt Red Hen Press (May 22, 2018)

• National publicity efforts targeting:

+Industry journals such as Publishers Weekly, Booklist, Library Journal, Bookforum, and ShelfAwareness

+Local newspapers and journals to the author

+National blogs and...

Artistic Alchemy: Transmuting Cinnabar into Gold

by Ken Bazyn Resource Publications (November 09, 2017)

Bazyn's poems seek to encourage Christians of all stripes to present a new song unto the Lord--by actual example and useful advice. All sorts of issues relating to creativity are touched upon, whether theological,...

My Barefoot Rank

by David Craig Resource Publications (September 25, 2017)

Though we are all sorry sinners, not worthy to sing God's praises, we must. The trick is to not let concerns for "Christian stealth" transform us into poets who end up serving a second master. "Platform" has...

Light in Light

by Deborah Gerrish Resource Publications (August 02, 2017)

Light in Light paints a river of illumined images highlighting the author's compilation of experiences, emotions, and memories as not only being grist for the poems, but illustrating a living and breathing record...

Second Bloom: Poems

by Anya Krugovoy Silver Cascade Books (September 06, 2017)

In Second Bloom, Silver looks unflinchingly and honestly at the suffering of cancer, while at the same time celebrating the possibility of joy, the persistence of beauty and love, the simultaneous winnowing...

When I Go: Selected French Poems of Rainer Maria Rilke

by Rainer Maria Rilke & Susanne Petermann Cascade Books (August 29, 2017)

Rilke's French poetry appears here for the first time in readable, musical versions. Largely unknown and rarely collected, these poems were written during the euphoria Rilke felt after having completed his greatest...

Theopoetics: Spiritual Poetry for Contemplative Theology and Daily Living

by Phillip Michael Garner & Shaun Galford Wipf and Stock (August 29, 2017)

Theopoetics is a collection of poetry filled with reflective inspiration from the heart and mind of a person filled with pathos over the plight of humanity. Each poem reflects his personal wrestling with theology...

Sigurd's Lament: An Alliterative Epic

by Benjamin John Peters Cascade Books (July 14, 2017)

In literature, the advice often given is to show and not tell. In academia, it is the opposite: tell and do not show. Sigurd's Lament is a text that asks the question, can scholarship show rather than tell?...

The Window Song

by Laurence David & Cathy David Resource Publications (July 26, 2017)

The Window Song is a collection of original proverbs that looks to continue that classic form in its search for wisdom and spirituality. Breaking through the confinements of religion, these proverbs express...

Painstaker: Poems

by Jeffrey Galbraith Resource Publications (May 31, 2017)

In Painstaker, Galbraith takes stock of life, building an inventory of faith, regret, travel, parenthood, and hardship both physical and mental. These poems live in cities but remember the farm, with subjects...

Loved from Eternity

by D. E. Young & Stephen Jennings Resource Publications (March 28, 2017)

"Rejoicing in hope, patient in tribulation," writes the apostle. In this collection of poetry, the author applies those phrases, responding to God's sometimes-dark providences with the light of Scriptural meditation....

The Turning Aside: The Kingdom Poets Book of Contemporary Christian Poetry

by D. S. Martin Cascade Books (November 09, 2016)

The Turning Aside is about stepping out of our routines--like Moses turning from tending sheep, like a certain man selling his everything to buy a field--to take time to consider the ways of God in the company...

Mercy Wears a Red Dress

by David Craig Resource Publications (November 23, 2016)

The work of a wonderful secular poet, Billy Collins, provides a great model for Christian writers. His Coleridge "conversation poems" allow for real play and comedy, all in the service of profundity. These are...


by Patrice Carolyn Forrester Resource Publications (October 18, 2016)

Finding the courage to give voice to stories of trauma, oppression, and internal shame is often difficult, but also is the first step to healing and freedom. This collection of documentary poems presents the...

Psalms of Gratitude and Prayer

by John J. Brugaletta Resource Publications (September 02, 2016)

If part of the reason for half-empty pews in our churches is the white-knuckle grip we have on overused terminology, Psalms of Gratitude and Prayer almost always finds a fresh vocabulary for such terms. But...

The Storyteller: The Lyrical Tales of J. Michaels

by J. Michaels Resource Publications (September 08, 2016)

Whether it's the big-hearted hooker, the henchman priest, the fate of poor Bobby Fischer, tripping with Tom O'Leary, or the last thoughts of a dying man, we are told their secrets by the only one who knows them...

Last Call: Poems

by Logan C. Jones Resource Publications (January 13, 2016)

Last Call is a book of poems that explores the journey and search for our elusive God. This is the journey of the soul, and the search is joined through the intimacies of everyday experiences, the confusions...

Ordinary Time: Poems for the Liturgical Year

by Michael D. Riley Resource Publications (April 08, 2016)

Liturgy is the golden chore; the ineffable becomes as practical as a calendar or a loaf of bread. The Son of God becomes the Son of Man and briefly walks among us, Love itself incarnate in the life of faith....

Where the Sky Opens: A Partial Cosmography

by Laurie Klein Cascade Books (December 17, 2015)

Killer gales and orcas, slickrock and storm toads, blackbirds, junipers, bathroom lizards--terrifying beauty infuses these poems as they probe and praise the tidal rhythms of love and faith, long-term. Meet...

Saint Paul Lives Here (In Minnesota)

by Zach Czaia & Deborah Keenan Resource Publications (October 20, 2015)

Unabashedly local and particular, these poems bring alive the sights, sounds, and people of Minneapolis and Saint Paul--the "twin cities" of Minnesota. In addition, they aim to think and feel their way through...


by Joy Ladin Resource Publications (January 15, 2010)

These psalms grow out of a decades-long fascination with the biblical psalms, particularly the Davidic psalms, which portray the tempestuous, sometimes awful intimacy of the Divine-human relationship. In the...

The Gospel of the Bleeding Woman: Poems

by Katie Manning Wipf and Stock (May 28, 2013)

The Gospel of the Bleeding Woman imagines a life for an interesting, unnamed biblical character: the bleeding woman who touches Jesus in three of the gospel accounts. The first half of this poetry collection...

The Sunrise Liturgy: A Poem Sequence

by Mia Anderson Wipf and Stock (September 21, 2012)

Committing theology to poetry is not new, but it's not wildly common. The Sunrise Liturgy aims to do just that. It is a sequence, like liturgy, with a start and a procession and a finish. The sun does the processing,...

Little Glass Planet

by Dobby Gibson Graywolf Press (May 21, 2019)

The poems in Dobby Gibson’s new book transform the everyday into the revelatory

Little Glass Planet exults in the strangeness of the known and unknowable world. In poems set as far afield as Mumbai and Marfa,...

Remembering Jesus: Sonnets and Songs

by John Leax Cascade Books (March 20, 2014)

In a series of dramatic monologues, first-century men and women--some real, some imaginary--remember, often from the perspective of old age, their encounters with Jesus and reflect on the significance of those...

The Poet's Quill: Musings of Mind and Spirit

by J. Michaels Resource Publications (July 01, 2009)

The poet's quest is one of wide magnitude. He or she must explore the untapped regions of mind and spirit and then proceed to paint a picture in words of that strange and mysterious landscape. The book before...

Treasure of the Mind: A Tale of Redemption

by J. Michaels Resource Publications (August 01, 2009)

In the late summer months of 2000, on a cool dark night in the foothills of Boulder, Colorado, a seventeen year old boy was murdered by a young man he once considered his best friend. The calamity nearly crippled...

Common Ground: Musings of Mind and Spirit

by J. Michaels Resource Publications (September 30, 2009)

Listen closely. Hear the Spirit Song. In good turn, all will come along. Join me in this adventure, as we play in rhythm and rhyme. Explore the hidden places, all in real-time. Let us laugh and cry together,...

Prophetic Poetry: Holy Agitation for Peace, Justice, and Passion

by Ronald L. Faust Resource Publications (November 09, 2009)

This poetry becomes an agent of transformation in offering a new direction for our lives. It provokes a little holy agitation by tossing poems like pebbles into placid pools of water to cause some waves. Such...

Mystic Twine: Musings of Mind and Spirit

by J. Michaels Resource Publications (November 13, 2009)

Mystic Twine is a voyage into the numinous realm of the mind and spirit, told in the ancient style of the storyteller. Contained within are weird and wonderful tales, mind and spiritual explorations, prayers...

Emerald Mandala: Musings of Mind and Spirit

by J. Michaels Resource Publications (October 30, 2009)

The Emerald Mandala is a spiritual shelter, a sanctuary of sorts. It is a harmony of words and rhymes to take you to far away inner places. Inside you will find fables, prayer, dilemma, and intentional absurdities....

Simple Gold: Musings of Mind and Spirit

by J. Michaels Resource Publications (January 15, 2010)

Gold has always symbolized material riches. It is a simple element that somehow exceeds its intrinsic value. Its pursuit has become, for many, the primary goal of life. What is it that attracts us so about money...

Leave the Bones: Musings of Mind and Spirit

by J. Michaels Resource Publications (July 02, 2010)

Between the covers of this tome lay truly wondrous things. Composed of colors previously unseen and sounds rarely heard, these buds will blossom in your hand. As they do, they will burst into light that will...

The Fly in My Eye: Musings of Mind and Spirit

by J. Michaels Resource Publications (September 29, 2010)

The Fly in My Eye is a reflection of an illusion. It is the mirror of my creature self declaring itself as real to the eye of the beholder. Yet the human self would fade away into its parent nothingness but...

The Final Step: Musings of Mind and Spirit

by J. Michaels Resource Publications (December 13, 2010)

The poet ceases. Something has changed. He has reached his goal but somehow remains undone. His soul has received as nourishment the odes he writes, yet he cannot rest. Or might it be possible that rest has...

Barely There: Short Poems

by Yahia Lababidi Resource Publications (August 23, 2013)

The flashy poets and the poets with a schtick get the big audience, but it is the quiet poets whose individual poems more often linger with me. I'd trade all of Ginsberg, say, for William Bronk's six-line poem...

Saying Farewell to Those We Love

by Barry H Young Woodslane Press (July 01, 2012)

This book is dedicated to all practising and aspiring celebrants who have been entrusted with the gift of responsibility and professional duty of composing and conducting each beautiful and meaningful funeral...

Mosses and Lichens

by Devin Johnston Farrar, Straus and Giroux (May 07, 2019)

A new collection from the author of Traveler

Not days of anger

but days of mild congestion,

infants of inconstant sorrow,

days of foam in gutters,

blossoms and snow

mingling where they fall,

a spring of cold profusion....


by Michael Hall Mango (February 28, 2019)

A Poetry Book of True Love

If you liked Her by Pierre Alex Jeanty and TreManda Pewett, 2Fish by Jhené Aiko, and Milk and Honey and The Sun and Her Flowers by Rupi Kaur, you'll love Michael Hall's u...

Is, Is Not

by Tess Gallagher Graywolf Press (May 07, 2019)

Tess Gallagher’s new poems are suspended between contradiction and beauty

Is, Is Not upends our notions of linear time, evokes the spirit and sanctity of place, and hovers daringly at the threshold of what...