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Popol Vuh: The Mayan Book of the Dawn of Life

by Dennis Tedlock (February 21, 2013)

Popol Vuh, the Quiché Mayan book of creation is not only the most important text in the native language of the Americas, it is also an extraordinary document of the human imagination. It begins with the deeds...

The Porcupine Hunter and Other Stories

by Ralph Maud Talonbooks (June 25, 2014)

A selection of the best stories by Henry W. Tate (d. 1914), an important Tsimshian informant to ethnographer Franz Boas.

3 Nations

by Brown R. Michael, Loring M. Donna & Valerie Lawson Resolute Bear Press (June 15, 2017)

In this time when so much attention is focused on the border between Mexico and the US, the northern border, unique for its shared borders and boundaries, the bridges between, the blood and heritage people share...

My Home As I Remember

by Lee Maracle & Sandra Laronde Natural Heritage (May 15, 2000)

My Home As I Remember contains literary and artistic achievements of First Nations, Inuit and Mtis women across Canada and the United States.

American Indian Stories

by Zitkala-Sa Dover Publications (February 16, 2012)

A testimony to the power of one woman's spirit, this moving collection of autobiographical tales and family stories portrays a Native American teacher's struggle between her heritage and American society.

Cherokee Stories of the Turtle Island Liars’ Club

by Christopher B. Teuton & America Meredith The University of North Carolina Press (October 08, 2012)

Cherokee Stories of the Turtle Island Liars' Club paints a vivid, fascinating portrait of a community deeply grounded in tradition and dynamically engaged in the present. A collection of forty interwoven stories,...

Coyote Was Going There: Indian Literature of the Oregon Country

by Jarold Ramsey University of Washington Press (February 11, 2012)

The vivid imagination, robust humor, and profound sense of place of the Indians of Oregon are revealed in this anthology, which gathers together hitherto scattered and often inaccessible legends originally transcribed...

Truth of a Hopi

by Edmund Nequatewa Dancing Unicorn Books (May 28, 2017)

In the Truth of a Hopi, Edmund Nequatewa relates the Hopis' myths, legends, belief systems, and oral history. Nequatewa's writings give us a glimpse into the psyche of the Hopi in the way that only a Hopi could....

Trade and Tyranny: The Rise and Fall of Colonialism

by Baby Professor Baby Professor (February 15, 2017)

This educational resource will show your child the truths and myths about Trade and Tyranny: The Rise and Fall of Colonialism. This might not be an easy read because of the complexity of theories and jargons...