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Physical analgesia

by Ivet Koleva & Radoslav Yoshinov & Borislav Yoshinov Connaissances & Savoirs (June 15, 2018)

Physical analgesia is the application of physical factors for pain management. In physical analgesia a lot of physical modalities are used: Preformed modalities (Electric currents; Ultra-sound; Magnetic field;...

Lone Parenthood in the Life Course

by Laura Bernardi (editor) Open BookShelf (January 30, 2018)

Lone parenthood is an increasing reality in the 21st century, reinforced by the diffusion of divorce and separation. This volume provides a comprehensive portrait of lone parenthood at the beginning of the XXI...

Meat Atlas

by Christine Chemnitz Heinrich Boll Foundation (January 30, 2018)

The report presents a global perspective on the impacts of industrial meat and dairy production, and illustrates its increasingly devastating impact on society and the environment. The way we produce and consume...

Loving Someone with Borderline Personality Disorder: How to Keep Out-of-Control Emotions from Destroying Your Relationship

by Shari Y. Manning & Marsha M. Linehan The Guilford Press (August 18, 2011)

People with borderline personality disorder (BPD) can be intensely caring, warm, smart, and funny-but their behavior often drives away those closest to them. If you're struggling in a tumultuous relationship...

What Works for Bipolar Kids: Help and Hope for Parents

by Mani Pavuluri & Susan Resko The Guilford Press (May 08, 2008)

It may be hard to believe your child will ever get better, but kids with bipolar disorder can and do lead healthy, stable lives. In this compassionate and optimistic book, expert clinician and renowned researcher...

Taking Charge of Anger, Second Edition: Six Steps to Asserting Yourself without Losing Control

by W. Robert Nay The Guilford Press (March 23, 2012)

This straight-talking book-grounded in over 25 years of experience-has already helped many tens of thousands of readers understand and manage destructive anger in all its forms. Anger expert Dr. Robert Nay...

Raising a Moody Child: How to Cope with Depression and Bipolar Disorder

by Mary A. Fristad & Jill S. Goldberg Arnold The Guilford Press (March 23, 2012)

Every day can be an ordeal for families struggling with the difficult, moody, "impossible" behavior that may point to childhood depression or bipolar disorder. Effective help for kids does exist, but it often...

The Bipolar Teen: What You Can Do to Help Your Child and Your Family

by David J. Miklowitz & Elizabeth L. George The Guilford Press (November 16, 2007)

If your teen has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder--or your child’s moods seem out of control--Dr. David Miklowitz can help. The bestselling author of The Bipolar Disorder Survival Guide has tailored his...

Your Defiant Child, Second Edition: Eight Steps to Better Behavior

by Russell A. Barkley & Christine M. Benton The Guilford Press (June 28, 2013)

Discover a way to end constant power struggles with your defiant, oppositional, "impossible" 5- to 12-year-old, with the help of leading child psychologist Russell A. Barkley. Dr. Barkley's approach is research...

Your Defiant Teen, Second Edition: 10 Steps to Resolve Conflict and Rebuild Your Relationship

by Russell A. Barkley, Arthur L. Robin & Christine M. Benton The Guilford Press (October 17, 2013)

If life with your teen has become a battleground, it's time to take action. This empathic book shows how. Trusted psychologists who have worked with thousands of families give you the tools you need to overcome...

The Thinking Girl's Guide to the Right Guy: How Knowing Yourself Can Help You Navigate Dating, Hookups, and Love

by Joanne Davila & Kaycee Lashman The Guilford Press (December 15, 2015)

Love--like life--is full of choices. But choices can be complicated. Do you want to settle down and get married? Do you want to maintain your independent lifestyle, yet still have a partner? Are you looking...

How Memory Works--and How to Make It Work for You: G1196

by Robert Madigan The Guilford Press (June 01, 2015)

Do you wish you could recall the names of people you just met? What if birthdays, important errands, and online passwords rarely slipped your mind? Psychologist Robert Madigan is an expert in the "memory arts"--practical,...

Straight Talk about Psychiatric Medications for Kids, Fourth Edition

by Timothy E. Wilens & Paul G. Hammerness The Guilford Press (March 14, 2016)

Is medication the right choice for treating your child's emotional or behavioral problems? How can you be confident that he or she has been properly diagnosed? What do you need to know to get the most benefits...

Motivational Interviewing in Diabetes Care

by Marc P. Steinberg & William R. Miller The Guilford Press (August 14, 2015)

People with diabetes often struggle to make healthy choices and stay on top of managing their illness. Filling a vital need, this is the first book to focus on the use of motivational interviewing (MI) in diabetes...

Getting the Best for Your Child with Autism: An Expert's Guide to Treatment

by Bryna Siegel The Guilford Press (January 02, 2008)

As the parent of a child with an autism spectrum disorder, you need an informed, caring advocate who can deftly guide you through the complex maze of treatment options. In this empowering resource, bestselling...

Parenting Through the Storm: Find Help, Hope, and Strength When Your Child Has Psychological Problems

by Ann Douglas The Guilford Press (August 26, 2016)

Raising a child or teenager with a psychological condition is a "perfect storm" of stress, sadness, and uncertainty. How can you find the best treatments and help your child overcome emotional, behavioral, and...

For Lesbian Parents: Your Guide to Helping Your Family Grow Up Happy, Healthy, and Proud

by Suzanne M. Johnson & Elizabeth O'Connor The Guilford Press (February 21, 2012)

Raising a child is overwhelming, thrilling, exhausting, terrifying, and joyous--and all at the same time. In addition to the adjustments that any new parents must make, lesbian mothers face numerous special...

Creative clinical teaching in the health professions

by Beth Perry, Caroline Park & Melrose, Sherri publisher not identified (March 22, 2018)

"This peer reviewed e-book is a must-read for nurses and other health professionals who strive to teach with creativity and excellence in clinical settings. Each chapter presents current evidence informed educational...

Running on Two Different Tracks

by Eileen Stukane shebooks (August 13, 2015)

Every woman who waited to have a child will understand this story. Eileen Stukane’s determination to become a mother led her to adoption. When agencies said she was “too old,” she found a country that...

One Body One Life

by Andrew C E Green Panoma Press (June 04, 2018)

Are you always stressed, constantly busy, prioritising others over yourself, and realising that time is slipping by and your health is now not what it was? Do you recognise what is “good” and what is “bad”...

The Complete Guide to Property Strategies

by Angela Bryant Panoma Press (May 31, 2018)

The Complete Guide to Property Strategies is the 2nd book by Angela Bryant, who has been investing in property for over 20 years and built a portfolio of 100 properties valued at £15 million. This book is to...

Ageless Beauty the French Way

by Clemence von Mueffling St. Martin's Press (June 12, 2018)

"A magical guide.” —Aerin Lauder, Founder & Creative Director of AERIN and Style & Image Director of Estée Lauder

From three generations of French beauty experts, Ageless Beauty the French Way is the ultimate...

From Heartbreak to Wholeness

by Kristine Carlson St. Martin's Press (June 12, 2018)

A guidebook for discovering how heartbreak can become the doorway to profound meaning and joy from the bestselling co-creator of the Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff Series

In 2006, after building the bestselling...

Badass Affirmations

by Becca Anderson Mango (May 15, 2018)

A funny, inspirational banquet of delicious bon mots, quips, and unforgettable one-liners from movie stars, musicians, politicians, and women writers. Sometimes shocking, always entertaining, everyone from Rihanna...


by Sam Bracken & Bill Curry Mango (March 15, 2018)

Living a life of grit and grace

  • Do you want to understand the important difference between head, heart, and gut and where each fits into better decision-making?
  • Are you ready to enjoy a purpose driven life and...

Basic Health Care Series

by Lester Bivens Alpha Editions (February 01, 2017)

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are infections that are passed from one person to another through sexual contact. The causes of STDs are bacteria, parasites, yeast, and viruses. Sexually transmitted diseases...

Basic Health Care Series

by Juliann Moen Alpha Editions (February 01, 2017)

This book on obesity has been written in a very different way — not those typical book type — which preaches high and mighty things. Obesity is most commonly caused by a combination of excessive food intake,...

Basic Health Care Series

by Bailee Skeen Alpha Editions (February 01, 2017)

Blood pressure (BP) is the pressure of circulating blood on the walls of blood vessels. When used without further specification, “blood pressure” usually refers to the arterial pressure in the systemic circulation....

Basic Health Care Series

by Maci Valerio Alpha Editions (February 01, 2017)

Arthritis is very common but is not well understood. Actually, “arthritis” is not a single disease; it is an informal way of referring to joint pain or joint disease. There are more than 100 different types...

Basic Health Care Series

by Lester Bivens Alpha Editions (February 01, 2017)

Diabetes is a common life-long health condition. There are 3.3 million people diagnosed with diabetes in the UK and an estimated 590,000 people who have the condition, but don’t know it. Diabetes is one of...

Life Space Management

by P S Siwach VIJ Books (India) Pty Ltd (September 01, 2014)

Life Space Management is a book that throws up a new concept of enhancing individual & organisational effectiveness by managing the parameters of Life Space, a word coined by Kurt Lewin. Our entire effectiveness...

100 Beauty Technique

by Parvesh Handa VIJ Books (India) Pty Ltd (July 01, 2011)

Looking after the body is a natural phenomenon in everyone's life. To keep a healthy and fit body, you need to look after your skin and hair, follow balanced diet, practice regular exercises including yoga and...

No Matter Who You Are, You Too Can be Rich

by Benjamin Othmar & Deepak Burfiwala Alpha Editions (February 01, 2017)

This book will elevate your life; make you a bigger person from inside, help you in living an authentic life and guide your towards super awesome destiny. Read it to discover your calling. Practical rituals...

Winning Parent, Winning Child

by Jan Fortune Cinnamon Press (May 22, 2012)

What parent hasn’t longed to improve his or her relationship with children? What parent hasn’t thought – surely there must be a better way? This book is about that better way.

Embracing the Awkward

by Joshua Rodriguez Mango (May 15, 2018)

From First Day of School to First Dance

Who are you? Young adults struggle with lots of issues; finishing up school, finding a career, finding a partner to be with and most importantly figuring out who they...

Boss Bride

by Charreah K. Jackson St. Martin's Press (June 05, 2018)

A game-changing book for professional women on how to navigate love and career from relationship expert Charreah Jackson.

Essence Senior Editor and international dating & career coach Charreah K. Jackson answers...

Your Own True Colors

by Barbara Bush Scribner (June 12, 2018)

An inspiring and beautiful way to commemorate Barbara Bush—the complete text of her historic speech to the 1990 graduating class of Wellesley College, which NPR included in their list of the “Best Commencement...

Today is Perfect

by Ren Butler Tablo Publishing (May 07, 2018)

What are you on this earth to do? This is no simple question. You are the only one who can answer it. This book walks you through a process to explore a person’s many dimensions in order to set a confident...

StoryWorks: A Handbook for Leaders, Writers and Speakers

by Jane Bailey Bain Business Books (May 29, 2015)

A practical handbook on how to tell stories. Includes stories and creative exercises to inspire, inform and entertain.

Dad Jokes: The Punniest Joke Book Ever

by Editors of Portable Press Portable Press (September 01, 2017)

Dad's comedy arsenal is about to get a huge the relief of everyone around him!

Put an end to courtesy laughs and awkward silences with the jokes in this book! From the people who brought you Uncle...

Tangram Teasers Book

by Norbert Pautner Thunder Bay Press (October 21, 2013)

Take the tangram challenge!

Based on the best-selling Book-in-a-Box kits, the Tangram Teasers book will challenge you to first solve the puzzle by creating the shape shown, but then change it into the new shape...

Memory Booster Book

by Charles Phillips Thunder Bay Press (October 21, 2013)

Keep your brain sharp with Thunder Bay's Memory Booster Box!

Based on the best-selling Book-in-a-Box kits, the Memory Booster book will help you to discover how your memory works and suggest interesting ways...

IQ Tester Book

by Charles Phillips Thunder Bay Press (December 30, 2013)

Boost your intelligence with Thunder Bay’s IQ Tester Box!

Only people born clever have high IQs, right? Well no, actually. Anybody can make themselves more intelligent. We now know enough about the brain, and...

Tarot Book

by Juliet Sharman-Burke Thunder Bay Press (October 21, 2013)

Learn how to read the cards with The Tarot Box!

Based on the best-selling Book-in-a-Box kits, The Tarot Book provides the perfect introduction to tarot reading.The book introduces each card, and demonstrates...

Mah Jongg Book

by Derek Walters Thunder Bay Press (October 21, 2013)

The oracle and the game!

Do you have questions about your love life, career, health or future happiness? Well, now you can find the answers using this classic Chinese oracle from the Chou dynasty. Based on the...

Tangrams Book

by James Lyon Thunder Bay Press (October 21, 2013)

Stretch your brain with shape puzzles!

Use the tans to make pictures and you will improve your lateral thinking and creativity. Based on the best-selling Book-in-a-Box kits, with The Tangrams Book, you can stretch...

Massage Anatomy

by Abby Ellsworth & Peggy Altman Thunder Bay Press (January 15, 2012)

Ahhh! Discover the power of massage--from the inside out--in this unique reference book featuring seven styles of massage and enlightening anatomical illustrations.

Massages energize, revitalize, and renew both...

Pilates Anatomy

by Abby Ellsworth Thunder Bay Press (January 15, 2012)

Let's flex! Discover Pilates--from the inside out--in this innovative reference book featuring exercises and workouts for every level.

Madonna does it. Jennifer Aniston does it. And so do plenty of pro football...

Anatomy of Stretching

by Craig Ramsay Thunder Bay Press (June 12, 2012)

Get healthy without getting hurt! In Anatomy of Stretching, renowned trainer Craig Ramsay shows every exerciser how to get limber and prevent injury.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a fitness novice or an elite...

Celtic Wisdom Book

by Caitlin Matthews Thunder Bay Press (October 21, 2013)

Celebrate the seasons with Thunder Bay’s Celtic Wisdom Box!

Based on the best-selling Book-in-a-Box kits, his beautiful book will transport you into the world of the Celts, where celebration and ritual will...