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Killing Kings

by Don Pendleton Worldwide Library Series (March 01, 2019)


The Executioner believes in final justice—so when rumors swirl that someone is trying to revive the empire of Pablo Escobar, the King of Cocaine, Mack Bolan makes it his mission to bring down...

The Warming

by Craig Ensor Impact Press (July 01, 2019)

‘The sun was so brutal, so twisted in its brutality, it seemed to grip us by the neck and push us down into the drowning waters. And, in the end, that was our choice: by water – or by sun.’

The year is...


by David Walton Pyr (April 07, 2015)

A QUANTUM PHYSICS MURDER MYSTERY. A Mind-Bending, Near-Future, Science Fiction Technothriller. Jacob Kelley's family is turned upside down when an old friend turns up, waving a gun and babbling about an alien...


by David Walton Pyr (September 01, 2015)

Ryan Oronzi is a paranoid, neurotic, and brilliant physicist who has developed a quantum military technology that could make soldiers nearly invincible in the field. The technology, however, gives power to the...

Edge of Dark

by Brenda Cooper Pyr (March 03, 2015)

What if a society banished its worst nightmare to the far edge of the solar system, destined to sip only dregs of light and struggle for the barest living. And yet, that life thrived? It grew and learned and...

End of the Century

by Chris Roberson Pyr (September 25, 2009)

At the eve of the new millennium, teenager Alice Fell is alone on the streets of a strange city, friendless and without a pound to her name. She is not sure whether she's losing her mind, or whether she is called...

The Castle in Cassiopeia

Dead Enders #3

by Mike Resnick Pyr (August 22, 2017)

A crisis has arisen. On their first mission as a team, Pretorius and his Dead Enders kidnapped the real General Michkag and substituted a clone who had been raised and trained in the Democracy. But now they...

The Healer

by Michael Blumlein Pyr (March 04, 2011)

Payne is a member of a minority offshoot of humanity called Grotesques, or Tesques, who are distinguished by a cranial deformity and an extra orifice in their chest. A small percentage of Tesques have the ability...


by Joel Shepherd Pyr (December 02, 2009)

Two years after the unhatching of Callayan President Neiland's plot to make the capital city of Tanusha the center of the Federation, Callay is under siege. So begins the third installment of this gripping trilogy...

City Without End

by Kay Kenyon Pyr (August 05, 2010)

In this series Kay Kenyon has created her most vivid and compelling society yet, the universe Entire. Reviewers have called this "a grand world," "an enormous stage," and "a bravura concept." On this stage unfolds...

Falling Sky

by Rajan Khanna Pyr (October 07, 2014)

Ben Gold lives in dangerous times. Two generations ago, a virulent disease turned the population of most of North America into little more than beasts called Ferals. Some of those who survived took to the air,...


by John Meaney Pyr (July 27, 2011)

Nulapeiron: a world isolated for twelve centuries. Its billions of inhabitants occupy subterranean strata, ruled by a trained aristocracy of lords and ladies whose power base is upheld by oracles. But revolution...

Fast Forward

by Lou Anders Pyr (September 18, 2009)

Science Fiction is the genre that looks at the implications of technology on society, which in this age of exponential technological growth makes it the most relevant branch of literature going. This is only...

Fast Forward 2

by Lou Anders Pyr (March 19, 2010)

When Fast Forward 1 debuted in February 2007, it marked the first major all- original, all-SF anthology series to appear in some time – and it was met with a huge outpouring of excitement and approbation from...

Nebula Awards Showcase 2016

by Mercedes Lackey Pyr (May 03, 2016)

The Nebula Awards Showcase volumes have been published annually since 1966, reprinting the winning and nominated stories of the Nebula Awards, voted on by the members of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers...

The Night Sessions

by Ken MacLeod Pyr (April 03, 2012)

A bishop is dead. As Detective Inspector Adam Ferguson picks through the rubble of the tiny church, he discovers that it was deliberately bombed. That it's a terrorist act is soon beyond doubt. It's been a long...

Starship: Pirate

by Michael D. Resnick Pyr (September 18, 2009)

The date is 1967 of the Galactic Era, almost three thousand years from now. The Republic, created by the human race but not yet dominated by it, is in the midst of an all-out war with the Teroni Federation....

Starship: Rebel

by Mike Resnick Pyr (September 25, 2009)

The date is 1968 of the Galactic Era, almost three thousand years from now. The Republic, dominated by the human race, is in the midst of an all-out war with the Teroni Federation. Almost a year has passed since...

23 Years on Fire

by Joel Shepherd Pyr (September 10, 2013)

Cassandra Kresnov--a highly advanced hunter-killer android--returns to face down a rogue government's plot to eliminate free will. Commander Cassandra Kresnov has her hands full. She must lead an assault against...

Operation Shield

by Joel Shepherd Pyr (April 08, 2014)

Part military SF, part cyberpunk, part grand-scale space opera, and part techno-psychological thriller, the Cassandra Kresnov novels transcend the recently narrow segmentation of the science fiction genre. In...


by Joel Shepherd Pyr (January 06, 2015)

Hope for the future in the hands of an enemy from the past . . . Cassandra Kresnov must find the answers that could free her people—or doom her family. A quarter of a million people die in the destruction...

The Resurrected Man

by Sean Williams Pyr (April 07, 2010)

Private detective Jonah McEwen is wanted for murder. Someone has been killing women who resemble Marylin Blaylock, his former colleague and ex-lover. The latest grisly discovery is right on his doorstep. He...

Rising Tide

by Rajan Khanna Pyr (October 06, 2015)

Ben Gold sacrificed his ship in an effort to prevent pirates from attacking the hidden city of Tamoanchan. Now Malik, an old friend turned enemy, has captured Ben and Miranda—the scientist Ben loves. With...


by Alan Dean Foster Pyr (September 09, 2010)

Set in Sagramanda, city of 100 million, this is the story of Taneer, a scientist who has absconded with his multinational corporation’s secret project code and who is now on the run from both the company and...

Son of Man

by Robert Silverberg Pyr (August 05, 2010)

The classic science fiction novel, now back in print Clay is a man from the 20th Century who is somehow caught up in a time-flux and transported into a distant future. The earth and the life on it have changed...

Three Laws Lethal

by David Walton Pyr (June 11, 2019)

The place, New York City; the time, the very near future. The streets of Gotham are swarming with self-driving cars, which are now a reality, and the competition between two entrepreneurs for this cutthroat...

To Hold Infinity

by John Meaney Pyr (October 29, 2010)

Devastated by her husband’s death, Earth-based biologist Yoshiko Sunadomari journeys to the paradise world of Fulgar to see her estranged son in the hope of bridging the gulf between them. But Tetsuo is in...

A World Too Near

by Kay Kenyon Pyr (January 28, 2010)

In Bright of the Sky, Kay Kenyon introduced a milieu unique in science fiction and fantasy: The Entire, a five-armed radial universe that exists in a dimension without stars and planets and is parallel to our...


by Joel Shepherd Pyr (August 05, 2010)

Cassandra Kresnov is a highly advanced hunter-killer android. She has escaped the League and fled to Callay, a member of the Federation. Because of her fighting skills she was able to save the president’s...

Department Zero

by Paul Crilley Pyr (January 24, 2017)

THE END OF THE UNIVERSE IS ONLY A HOP, SKIP, AND SLIGHT STUMBLE-THROUGH-A-WORMHOLE AWAY Harry Priest just wants to make sure his ex-wife doesn’t take away his visitation rights, and his dead-end job cleaning...

The Diamond Deep

by Brenda Cooper Pyr (October 08, 2013)

What if a woman as strong and as complex as Eva Perón began her life as a robot repair assistant threatened by a powerful peacekeeping force that wants to take all she has from her? The discovery ship, Creative...

The Fortress in Orion

Dead Enders #1

by Mike Resnick Pyr (December 02, 2014)

The Democracy is at war with the alien Traanskei Coalition. War hero Colonel Nathan Pretorius has a record of success on dangerous behind-enemy-lines missions, missions that usually leave him in the hospital....

The Genius Plague

by David Walton Pyr (October 03, 2017)

WINNER of the 2018 Campbell Award for Best Novel A WALL STREET JOURNAL Best Science Fiction Book of 2017 In this science fiction thriller, brothers are pitted against each other as a pandemic threatens to destabilize...

The Man Who Melted

by Jack Dann & Robert Silverberg Pyr (October 04, 2010)

The Man Who Melted is a warning for the future. It is the Brave New World and 1984 for our time, for it gives us a glimpse into our own future — a future ruled by corporations that control deadly and powerful...

The Martian General's Daughter

by Theodore Judson Pyr (September 25, 2009)

Welcome to the End of Empire. Set over two hundred years from now, in a world very much like Imperial Rome, this is the story of General Peter Black, the last decent man, as told through the eyes of his devoted...

Nebula Awards Showcase 2012

by James Patrick Kelly Pyr (May 11, 2012)

The Year's Best Science Fiction and Fantasy Selected by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America®. The Nebula Awards Showcase volumes have been published annually since 1966, reprinting the winning...

Nebula Awards Showcase 2014

by Kij Johnson Pyr (May 20, 2014)

The latest volume of the prestigious anthology series, published annually across six decades! The Nebula Awards Showcase volumes have been published annually since 1966, reprinting the winning and nominated...

Nebula Awards Showcase 2013

by Catherine Asaro Pyr (May 14, 2013)

The Nebula Awards Showcase volumes have been published annually since 1966, reprinting the winning and nominated stories in the Nebula Awards, voted on by the members of the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers...

Nebula Awards Showcase 2015

by Greg Bear Pyr (December 08, 2015)

The Nebula Awards Showcase volumes have been published annually since 1966, reprinting the winning and nominated stories of the Nebula Awards, voted on by the members of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers...


by John Meaney Pyr (September 09, 2010)

Centuries of self-imposed isolation have transformed Nulapeiron into a world unlike any other - a world of vast subterranean cities maintained by extraordinary organic technologies. For the majority of its peoples,...


by Chris Roberson Pyr (April 06, 2010)

Paragaea: A Planetary Romance is the story of Akilina "Leena" Chirikov, who shortly after launching from Star Town in the Soviet Union, finds herself thrown into another dimension, a world of strange science...

Prince of Storms

by Kay Kenyon Pyr (September 09, 2010)

Finally in control of the Ascendancy, Titus Quinn has styled himself Regent of the Entire. But his command is fragile. He rules an empire with a technology beyond human understanding; spies lurk in the ancient...

The Prison in Antares

Dead Enders #2

by Mike Resnick Pyr (December 01, 2015)

The Traanskei Coalition’s greatest weapon is the Q bomb, and after years of failure, the Democracy has come up with a defense against it. The problem is that they killed most of the team that created it. The...

The Prodigal Troll

by Charles Coleman Finlay Pyr (October 04, 2010)

The Prodigal Troll is a tale of a human child raised by a band of mythological creatures that is both hysterical and moving. When Lord Gruethrist's castle is laid under siege by an invading baron, he sends a...

Raining Fire

by Rajan Khanna Pyr (July 18, 2017)

Ben Gold, former airship pilot has lost everything: his airship, his friends, and Miranda, the woman he loves. All that he has left is a thirst for revenge, a reckless plan to sate it, and some journal entries...

Star Of Gypsies

by Robert Silverberg Pyr (May 25, 2012)

Yakoub was once the legendary King of the Rom, the Gypsy race that has evolved from the days of caravans into lords of the spaceways - the only pilots capable of steering ships safely between the many worlds...

Starship: Flagship

by Mike Resnick Pyr (August 05, 2010)

The date is 1970 of the Galactic Era, almost three thousand years from now, and the Republic, created by the human race but not yet dominated by it, finds itself in an all-out war against the Teroni Federation,...

Starship: Mercenary

by Mike Resnick Pyr (March 19, 2010)

The date is 1968 of the Galactic Era, almost three thousand years from now. The Republic, created by the human race but not yet dominated by it, is in the midst of an all-out war with the Teroni Federation....

The Restoration Game

by Ken MacLeod Pyr (September 27, 2011)

There is no such place as Krassnia. Lucy Stone should know—she was born there. In that tiny, troubled region of the former Soviet Union, revolution is brewing. Its organizers need a safe place to meet, and...


by John Meaney Pyr (October 04, 2010)

The war against The Blight is over, and the subterranean realms of Nulapeiron have a chance for peace. But Tom Corcorigan, revolutionary and war hero, newly married and longing for the quiet life, knows that...