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Far from the Madding Crowd

by Thomas Hardy Standard Ebooks (February 21, 2019)

Far from the Madding Crowd was the first of Hardy's novels to apply the name of Wessex to the landscape of south-west England, and the first to gain him widespread popularity as a novelist. When the beautiful...

The curse of Kalaan

by Linda Saint Jalmes & Jon Paul Ferrara Lsj Éditions (February 19, 2019)

Egypt ? November 7th, 1828

For Kalaan Phoebus, the count of Croz, a surprise encounter with Jean-François Champollion on the outskirts of the ancient Egyptian city of Tell el-Amarna was providence knocking...

The Essential Algernon Blackwood Collection

by Algernon Blackwood (March 05, 2013)

Compiled in one essential collection, the best books by Algernon Blackwood:

The Centaur

The Damned

The Empty House and Other Ghost Stories

The Extra Day

Four Weird Tales

The Garden of Survival

The Human Chord

The Man...

Model Citizens: Riding for a Fall

by Henry Pepper (August 18, 2013)

Model Citizens is the wild, illegitimate, daughter of Melrose Place. This erotic thriller unfolds during one dramatic week in the exciting and dangerous world of the Super Model.

When Angela Durand and Joanne...

The Seduction: Girl Next Door (A Novel)

by Brienne Jd Jolie (January 01, 2013)

"You'll take Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday while I'll take Monday, Thursday, and Saturday. Deal?" She said with sweet smile on her face.

Living in an apartment was perfectly acceptable for Will, but that was...

The Sex Life of the Gods

by Michael Knerr (March 25, 2013)

Beth Danson was about twenty-five and, besides her deep auburn-brown hair and lovely face, she boasted an equally attractive body. He found himself captivated by the warm thrust of her breasts beneath the silk...

A Charmed Life

by Nancy Jr. Manther (February 21, 2013)

A Charmed Life is the story of a woman's life as told through the charms on her charm bracelets. It begins with the stillbirth of Annie's first child and follows her through the healing process, and the path...

One Tough Cowboy

by Lora Leigh & Veronica Chadwick St. Martin's Press (January 29, 2019)

First in a brand-new series from #1 New York Times bestselling author Lora Leigh and Veronica Chadwick about one man’s pursuit of justice—and unbridled desire.


For as long as Samantha can...

The Blood Agreement

by April Galicia (September 03, 2017)

Prince Kyle tries to decide whether his brother Graham should live another day, but before that, he presents his case and allows the reader to be the jury. Does he deserve what's coming?

Fairytale Romance

by John Rodgers (November 01, 2017)

A painfully shy young woman meets a decorated war veteran at a Medieval history reenactment, and they share an immediate bond. But can her love heal his wounded spirit?

The Right Choice

by Hanna Lee (September 18, 2017)

The story of a married woman who finds love in a country on the other side of the world. What would YOU choose? The stable marriage back home or the flame encountered on a vacation?

Crescent Moon: Rebirth of the Moon Priestess

by Ja'Cara McClinton (September 01, 2017)

Final Book, to my Crescent Moon saga. Crescent Moon was just your average urban girl, until she moved to New Orleans. Now, she is a girl destined for greatness, but can she handle the pressure? From finding...

Lover's Love: A Mystery

by Prof.Bharat Sakate (August 29, 2017)

A love story of three females who are in search of their heroes.But these females are: snake woman, mermaid, Abasynnian lover. Love of them for human males.

The Stranger - The Boy Band Series

by Shala Mungroo (November 21, 2012)

This book is the sequel to "The Wronged". Nathalia Maori is on a mission of Revenge. However, after embarking on this mission, she realises that this may be harder than she first thought. Can she follow through...

Truth, Lies and Deception (The Boy Band Series)

by Shala Mungroo (October 01, 2012)

Rick Camden finds himself in big trouble when someone goes after him. Detective Abigail Rains is immediately put on the case. Will she be able to solve her case and not distract the guys, or worse, will one...

Obsessed - An Arrested Hearts Novella

by Layla Delaney (July 18, 2017)

Mary Donati is obsessed with many things, most notably her husband, Enzo. After a year of marriage, her fixations start to wear on her emotionally and leave her vulnerable to obsessions that aren't her own....

Wait for Me: Part One

by Kiki D'Neise (July 07, 2017)

Didier Juste had a plan. An internship with one of the top recording labels in New York City, then start his own record label under one of the biggest music groups in the country. He's driven, but struggling...

Hawaii Story: The Beginning

by Erik Anaya (July 06, 2017)

This book is about, a young boy who is in marching band and trying to impress his crush. When band travels to Hawaii, this is his time to impress her and have fun. This book is part of a series known as Hawaii...


by Trishia Russell (June 06, 2017)

Brenee started public school for the first time when she was 16. She thought that she had it made making friends quickly, making the cheer team, and getting the star football player. She was not prepared for...

Ancient Love

by Ja'Cara McClinton (February 28, 2017)

All he wants is to find true love, but could it mean his demise? Eric V. Tepes was your average teenage boy, except for the fact that he's 117 years old. As a hybrid finding true love isn't easy. Until thanks...

Crescent Moon

by Ja'Cara McClinton (April 23, 2017)

A destiny she was born to do... Crescent Moon was your average urban girl, but after her parents hit a big win, her life changed forever. While living in Chicago, Crescent life was nothing but a struggle. But...

7 Deadly Sins In Love/1 Too Many Heartbreaks

by Stephanie M. Clark (January 20, 2017)

Cassie's heart has been broken time and again. She's finally decided that love may not be in the cards for her. But when a young, unarmed teen is killed by a police officer, Cassie's heart is placed in a tug-of-war....

The Secret Pathway Towards Love

by Vanessa Carvo (January 17, 2017)

The English Woman Has To Get Out Fast! - An English woman has to get out of England fast or she'll be arrested on trumped up charges. After spotting a man who she thinks is her intended, and he's no pretty picture,...

A New Town & a New Life

by Doreen Milstead (January 17, 2017)

The Overweight Widow Takes A Chance - An overweight woman is sent to Nebraska to be a mail order bride, through the machinations of her mother, who has sent a picture other than hers to the cowboy. The Widow...

Drawn Towards Love

by Vanessa Carvo (January 16, 2017)

A Widow & Her Sister & A Surprise Fiancé - After a widow's farm is taken away she travels with her twin sister to Kansas, where her sister's fiancé waits. Out of Sight - A poor woman who works in a garment...

Dreams of the Old West

by Doreen Milstead (January 16, 2017)

Sent By God To The California Cowboy, is about a young woman in New York City who has fallen onto hard times after being released from the orphanage she'd been in for a majority of her life. The Joyful Wife,...

The Last Daughter

by K Mielke (January 15, 2017)

Beth has made her way in life alone since she was eighteen. After leaving behind a series of foster homes, she acquires a journalism degree and jumps at the opportunity to travel. Along the way, she befriends...

Killed Once, Lived Twice

by Gary Whitmore (May 23, 2014)

In 2010, young Abby becomes infatuated with the old newspaper article about Jennifer who was shot and drowned the morning of her planned wedding in 1961. Abby learned that her old neighbor, Michael was Jennifer's...

Jane Austen's Emma for Teens

by Gerry Baird (December 26, 2016)

Jane Austen's Emma for Teens is a simplified retelling of an original classic. Every effort has been made to preserve the beauty and intent of the original story, while also making it more accessible to modern...

He Can't Love You Like I Love You Volume III

by Feenics Ryzin (December 15, 2016)

When Cheyenna Reid is confronted with a life-altering event, it convinces her to re-evaluate every aspect of her life. She soon discovers that there are some things she can't live without. In the midst of her...

Room 9-18

by Tr3.6.6 (November 11, 2016)

Room 9-18 Forbidden love always seems to be the sweetest... Well, it is if you ask Mya Brown. Life seems to have painted a more realistic picture for Don, yet even he dares to dream when he's with Mya. Her strict,...

Reneas Only True Love the Holy Matrimony

by Trishia Russell (November 03, 2016)

Brad and Renea finally get hitched. Through their journey they endure happiness and sadness. But, their love keeps getting stronger for each other by the day. Now, they have another surprise thrown into the...

This Heart of Yours

by XuanSon Nguyen (October 16, 2016)

Growing up in a family of storytellers, Verena never believed in the tale of the Heartless Lord. Until the day she comes face to face with him. He was supposed to be a fictitious character in her sisters' stories,...

The Perfect Third Life of Carolyn Harris

by Joan Quade (October 04, 2016)

Carolyn Harris has lived a full life, but she isn't ready to settle into retirement mode like her husband seems to be doing. She is eager to live an exciting life, and her law partner Paul is happy to whisk...

Rebel In the Storm

by Sarah Croman (October 06, 2016)

The factions of the Ebony Throne territories have been embroiled in civil war for over a decade. Now, the end is near. Unfortunately for Darcasta, the rightful heir, that end does not look to resolve in favor...

My Foreign Affairs

by Stefan Jay Bradley (September 14, 2016)

A work of fiction based on historical events from unverified sources introducing a reluctant secret agent and his adventures.

Broken: Frost Series Part 1

by D.L. LeBlanc (September 21, 2016)

After a man had left her broken, she successfully shut herself off from all men. She loved her organised, boring life; until she meets him. Could he break through her barriers and make her want to live & love...

Disguised Vengeance

by Kassandra K (August 27, 2016)

After the murder of his parents, the orphaned Prince of Esyria is determined to seek revenge on the neighbouring country responsible for their death. The murder changes him. Jase grows up, from a defenseless...

My Romance In the Carpathian Mountains: A Past Life Retold

by Alice Ann Lake (August 12, 2016)

Did I remember the past? Is it happening now? This is a love story about an older mountain woman and a younger townsman, both married to other people in 17th century Romania. There is singing and dancing, pagan...

A Fire Grows In the Dust: Part Three

by Dee Wolf (August 03, 2016)

Sabotage, greed and pride in the American Dust Bowl conspire to bring two tortured, young adults, William and Helen, together, while also threatening to tear them apart.

A Fire Grows In the Dust: Part Two

by Dee Wolf (August 02, 2016)

Sabotage, greed and pride in the American Dust Bowl conspire to bring two tortured, young adults, William and Helen, together, while also threatening to tear them apart.

Turning Pointe - A Finding Harmony Novella

by Layla Delaney (July 18, 2016)

This novella will follow Autumn Copeland and Drexel Walker as they cope with love and loss. This story occurs after Suspended Heart (Finding Harmony Series, Book 4) and during the beginning of Seamless Redemption...

Three Lies and Love

by Cupideros (May 03, 2016)

Three Lies and Love tackles critical thinking, love and feminism in society. These three linked ideas fuel much of what heterosexual women and men strive to work out their mutual agreements on what is an acceptable...

A Rugged Heart to Love: A Pair of Historical Romances

by Vanessa Carvo (July 14, 2016)

A Well-Off Widow & Her Colorado Rancher - A destitute but formerly well-off widow decides to become a mail order bride to a rancher in Colorado - a man who is known to a neighbor and friend. With the memories...

Cowboy Mountain: A Pair of Historical Romances

by Vanessa Carvo (July 14, 2016)

Sally The Orphan Meets Her Parents - A woman working in New York thought she was an orphan, but finds out that she is not and also, that her parents may have found her a husband. Mail Order Bride: Across Rough...

Riding for Her Life: Four Historical Romances

by Doreen Milstead (July 12, 2016)

Cynthia The Spaniard & Diego Her Rancher - A woman's father sends her off via a matchmaker to a man with a castle in New Mexico. Abandoned By The Wagon Train: A Story of Survival & Faith -- is about a teacher...

Silver Stars - Love, Lies & Limos Series #2

by Maggie Caldwell (July 11, 2016)

While working hard on a career as a fashion designer to the stars, and forging a name for herself, Victoria Davies is content and comfortable with her life - a life that includes her handsome rock star husband...

Equal: A Pair of Historical Romances

by Doreen Milstead (July 10, 2016)

The Strong English Woman & The Outlaw In Arizona - A mail ordered bride expects to be met at the railway station by her intended but he's nowhere to be found. She eventually trudges two miles to his home, but...

Passion: A Pair of Historical Romances

by Doreen Milstead (July 10, 2016)

The Joyful Wife, The Drunken Cowboy & His Bitter Sister - A woman travels west to join her fiancé, a cowboy with a cranky sister who appears to be permanently bitter. The woman and her cowboy are married immediately...

Down the Unknown Path to Love: A Pair of Historical Romances

by Doreen Milstead (July 07, 2016)

Praying For A Cowboy With One Hand, is about a woman and her sister who are sent out to Texas for one of them to be a mail order bride to a disabled war veteran rancher with one hand, and as a new mother to...