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The Picture of Dorian Gray

by Oscar Wilde Standard Ebooks (February 16, 2018)

The Picture of Dorian Gray was first published as a serial in Lippencott’s Monthly Magazine, and the publishers thought it would so offend readers that they removed nearly 500 words without Wilde’s approval....

The King in Yellow

by Robert W. Chambers Standard Ebooks (February 16, 2018)

The King in Yellow is a fascinating, almost two-faced work. The first half consists of five legendary weird tales, loosely tied together by a fictional play—the eponymous King in Yellow—that drives those...

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

by Robert Louis Stevenson Standard Ebooks (February 16, 2018)

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is the classic novella of split personality. Stevenson wrote it in just a few days while sick and bedridden, and famously burned the first draft after his wife suggested...

The Night Visitors

by Jenn Ashworth & Richard V. Hirst Dead Ink (April 27, 2017)

Shortlisted for The Saboteur Awards 2017 Best Novella. Orla Nelson used to be a famous writer and now she’s seeking a comeback. Alice Wells wants to make something of herself before it’s too late. In The...

The Phantom of the Opera

by Gaston Leroux & Alexander Teixeira de Mattos Canterbury Classics (April 03, 2018)

The classic story of a dangerous love triangle set in an 1890s Paris opera house.

Rumored to be haunted, the Palais Garnier opera house in nineteenth-century Paris is the setting for this story of a dangerous...

Edgar Allan Poe

by Edgar Allan Poe & A. J. Odasso Canterbury Classics (November 15, 2012)

No library's complete without the classics! This new, enhanced leather-bound edition collects some of the most influential stories and poems of Edgar Allan Poe.

Edgar Allan Poe was a master of tales of the mysterious...

Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde & Other Stories

by Robert Louis Stevenson Canterbury Classics (November 01, 2014)

“Man is not truly one, but truly two,” —Robert Louis Stevenson, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

A book so iconic that its title is synonymous with split personalities, The Strange Case of Dr....

Nowhere Else to Turn

by Matthew Helmke Open BookShelf (January 30, 2018)

There are things that happen in the world that are difficult and sometimes impossible to explain. At times, we are confronted with circumstances or situations over which we have no control. How we deal with...

Life Blood

by Thomas Hoover Thomas Hoover (January 30, 2018)

It lies hidden deep in the mist-shrouded rain forest of Central America. A place where a brilliant doctor fulfills dreams for some -- and creates chilling nightmares for others. Now, filmmaker Morgan James is...

Nightflyers & Other Stories

by George R. R. Martin Tom Doherty Associates (March 27, 2018)

From #1 bestselling author of A Game of Thrones: Nightflyers, coming to television on SyFy, is an epic story of space exploration and cosmic horror, plus five George R. R. Martin classic science fiction tales....

The Works of Edgar Allan Poe

The Atrocities

by Jeremy C. Shipp Tom Doherty Associates (April 17, 2018)

Jeremy Shipp brings you THE ATROCITIES, a haunting gothic fantasy of a young ghost's education

When Isabella died, her parents were determined to ensure her education wouldn't suffer.

But Isabella's parents had...

In a Glass Darkly

by J. Sheridan Le Fanu Standard Ebooks (February 16, 2018)

In a Glass Darkly is a collection of five short stories, presented as posthumous papers of cases of the “metaphysical” doctor Dr. Martin Hesselius. First appearing in “Green Tea,” originally published...


by John Green Open BookShelf (January 30, 2018)

Genetically modified corn has infected people with a virus that causes them to turn into zombies concerned only with the continuation of corn, while the uninfected continue to be concerned with the continuation...


by Mary Shelley Dreamscape Media (October 25, 2016)

Eager science student Victor Frankenstein uses body parts of the dead to bring a creature to life. Although initially excited that his experiment is a success, Frankenstein becomes horrified at the grotesque...

The Barrow Will Send What it May

by Margaret Killjoy Tom Doherty Associates (April 03, 2018)

Margaret Killjoy’s Danielle Cain series is a dropkick-in-the-mouth anarcho-punk fantasy that pits traveling anarchist Danielle Cain against eternal spirits, hypocritical ideologues, and brutal, unfeeling officers...


by Mary Shelley Standard Ebooks (February 16, 2018)

Mary Shelley (then Godwin) and Percy Bysshe Shelley were visiting their friend Lord Byron in Geneva one rainy summer. With the weather against them, they decided to spend their time writing ghost stories for...


by Bram Stoker Standard Ebooks (February 16, 2018)

Dracula is one of the most famous public-domain horror novels in existence, responsible for not just introducing the eponymous Count Dracula, but for introducing many of the common tropes we see in modern horror...

The Complete Works of H. P. Lovecraft

by H. P. Lovecraft Arkham Archivist (January 30, 2018)

The Complete Works of H.P. Lovecraft contains the original stories which Lovecraft wrote as an adult. It begins in 1917 with “The Tomb” and ends in 1935 with his last original work “The Haunter of the...


by Jonathan Maberry St. Martin's Press (March 27, 2018)

"A waking dream, at once powerful and subtly sinister." —Clive Barker, New York Times bestselling author

A chilling thriller that explores what happens when reality and nightmares converge, and how far one...

The Mortal Immortal

by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley & Michael Bishop Particle Books (February 27, 2018)

From the creator of Frankenstein comes the secrets of eternal youth, souls that exchange bodies, and ancient Romans newly thawed out of ice. This riveting collection contains all five of Mary Shelley’s compelling...

Supernatural and Mysterious Japan: Spirits, Hauntings and Paranormal Phenomena

by Catrien Ross Tuttle Publishing (November 03, 2015)

Since time immemorial, tales of the spooky, paranormal, and mysterious have been staples of folklore across the world. Japan is no exception, and its unique position as a melting pot for cultures from around...

Phantom Lover and Other Thrilling Tales of Thailand

by Jim Algie Tuttle Publishing (February 04, 2014)

Dark magic and dark pasts haunt the characters in these short stories set in mysterious, exotic Thailand.

Ghosts and spirits and the real-life terror of despair besiege the pages of The Phantom Lover and Other...

More Max Danger: The Continuing Adventures of an Expat in Tokyo

by Robert J . Collins Tuttle Publishing (December 15, 1989)

Life with Max Danger is never dull— as all readers of the first, best-selling volume of his adventures as an expatriate in Tokyo will know. Somehow he muddles his way from one baffling episode in the on-going...

Japanese Ghost Stories: Spirits, Hauntings, and Paranormal Phenomena

by Catrien Ross Tuttle Publishing (August 30, 2011)

"A Best Book of 2009"—The Japan Times

Japanese Ghost Stories, formerly published under the title Supernatural and Mysterious Japan, is a collection of the eerie and terrifying from around Japan. This book opens...

Filipino Ghost Stories: Spine-Tingling Tales of Supernatural Encounters and Hauntings

by Alex G. Paman Tuttle Publishing (July 12, 2011)

Spine-tingling tales of supernatural encounters and hauntings.

Ghost stories are commonplace in traditional Filipino culture. Whether they take place at a relative's funeral or a hacienda located deep in a remote...

Kwaidan: Stories and Studies of Strange Things

by Lafcadio Hearn Tuttle Publishing (June 07, 2011)

This collection of Japanese supernatural stories is a classic work in the field of Japanese horror.

Known primarily as an early interpreter of Japanese culture and customs, the famous writer Lafcadio Hearn also...

Southern Blood

by Lawrence Schimel & Martin Harry Greenberg Cumberland House Publishing (September 01, 1997)

Perhaps more than any region, the American South is haunted by the mythology of the vampire, returned from the dead to drain life from the living.

H. P. Lovecraft Cthulhu Mythos Tales

by H. P. Lovecraft Canterbury Classics (October 01, 2017)

  • Includes all 23 of the original stories that make up Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos, including "The Call of Cthulhu," "The Colour Out of Space," and "At the Mountains of Madness"
  • A must-have for any fan of horror,...

  • Classic Horror Tales

    by Editors of Canterbury Classics Canterbury Classics (April 17, 2017)

  • Classic Horror Tales is part of the Word Cloud Classics series, which publishes well-known works of literature for readers everywhere.

  • Includes stories from famous authors such as Edgar Allan Poe, Arthur Conan...

  • Classic Tales of Horror

    by Editors of Thunder Bay Press & Ernest Hibert Canterbury Classics (October 13, 2015)

    This chilling collection of scary stories will keep you awake for hours! Psychological horrors, disturbing dramas, and gruesome ghosts compose this compendium of confessions made in the dead of night. From vampires...

    The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde & Other Stories

    by Robert Louis Stevenson Canterbury Classics (November 17, 2014)

    A book so iconic that its title is synonymous with split personalities, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Scottish author Robert Louis Stevenson, was first released in 1886. The story of a virtuous...

    Nightmares: A New Decade of Modern Horror

    by Richard Kadrey, Caitl?n Kiernan, Garth Nix & Laird Barron et al. Tachyon Publications (October 17, 2016)

    Unlucky thieves invade a house where Home Alone seems like a playground romp. An antique bookseller and a mob enforcer join forces to retrieve the Atlas of Hell. Postapocalyptic survivors cannot decide which...

    The Monstrous

    by Peter Straub & Ellen Datlow Tachyon Publications (October 06, 2015)

    “Superstar editor Datlow makes no missteps...."

    —Publishers Weekly

    Take a terrifying journey with literary masters of suspense, including Peter Straub, Kim Newman, and Caitlín R. Kiernan, visiting a place where...


    by Ellen Datlow Tachyon Publications (March 12, 2013)

    This fiendish anthology, complied by the horror genre’s most acclaimed editor, drags you into the twisted minds of modern literary masters at their fiendish best. Visionary storytellers fill this collection...

    In Extremis

    by John Shirley Underland Press (August 09, 2011)

    In this collection of darkly funny, disquieting stories, John Shirley brings his substantial talent to bear on human morality through the absurd, violent blunderings of his characters. In Extremis features more...

    The Space Vampires

    by Colin Wilson Monkfish Book Publishing (April 02, 2013)

    Vampires from outer space suck the body's life force with a kiss of death.

    Storm Demon

    by Gregory Lamberson Medallion Press (October 01, 2013)

    In the fifth book in the Jake Helman Files series, private investigator Jake Helman returns to New York City after fighting the battle of his life on Pavot Island to save his best friend, Edgar. He's anxious...

    Black Creek

    by Gregory Lamberson Medallion Press (February 22, 2016)

    In 1979, the US government relocated more than eight hundred families from Love Canal, New York, after decades of toxic contamination. Not all of the residents left: some remained in their homes on the outskirts...

    Personal Demons

    by Gregory Lamberson Medallion Press (October 01, 2009)

    While battling a cocaine addiction, Jake Helman starts a high-pressure position as the director of security at a controversial genetic-engineering company. As Jake delves deeper into this frightening laboratory,...

    Daughter of Albino: Vicious Voodoo

    by N. S. Momodu New Generation Publishing (October 30, 2015)

    This anthology of nine horror stories deal with the following themes: witchcraft, barbaric traditions; relationships, envy, mystery and the abuse of religious and social powers. The Concorde - Mowiza (12yrs...

    Kill Creek

    by Scott Thomas Inkshares (October 31, 2017)

    "A slow-burn, skin-crawling haunted house novel that had me on the edge of my seat until the last page. This debut establishes Scott Thomas as a force to be reckoned with on the horror scene. " —Shane D. Keene,...

    A God in the Shed

    by J-F. Dubeau Inkshares (June 13, 2017)

    "Move over True Detective. A rich, gothic story of murder and mystery, A God in The Shed is quite possibly one of the most enthralling novels I've read in the last ten years. Dubeau is a force to be reckoned...

    Devil's Call

    by J. Danielle Dorn Inkshares (July 18, 2017)

    A pregnant witch in the Old West hunts down the possessed man who killed her husband.


    by Mary Shelley & GP Editors GENERAL PRESS (October 16, 2017)

    Few creatures of horror have seized readers' imaginations and held them for so long as the anguished monster of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. The story of Victor Frankenstein's terrible creation and the havoc...

    The Invisible Man

    by HG Wells & Sbp Editors Samaira Book Publishers (April 21, 2017)

    From the twentieth century's first great practitioner of the novel of ideas comes a consummate masterpiece of science fiction about a man trapped in the terror of his own creation.

    First published in 1897, The...

    The Wolf-Leader

    by Alexandre Dumas SC Active Business Development SRL (November 30, 2017)

    This is a werewolf tale, by the famous author of The Man in the Iron Mask, The Count of Monte Cristo or The Three Musketeers.

    "It is an exciting story of a diabolical pact; more than that it is an acute and merciless...

    Whose Body?

    by Dorothy L. Sayers SC Active Business Development SRL (November 28, 2017)

    A special edition of this classic mystery novel featuring British aristocrat and sleuth Lord Peter Wimsey.

    Sayers' most renowned amateur detective, the engaging and amusing Lord Peter Wimsey, sets out to unravel...

    Doctor Faustus

    by Christopher Marlowe SC Active Business Development SRL (May 01, 2017)

    Christopher Marlowe was an English playwright and poet of the Elizabethan era. Marlowe is thought to have been a great influence on William Shakespeare.

    The Tragical History of the Life and Death of Doctor Faustus,...

    The Turn of the Screw

    by Henry James SC Active Business Development SRL (April 29, 2017)

    One of the best books of all time, Henry James's The Turn of the Screw.

    A country governess is hired to raise two orphaned children in a lonely estate in Essex. Isolated on a country estate, the governess begins...