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Scholarly Resources for Children and Childhood Studies: A Research Guide and Annotated Bibliography

by Vibiana Bowman Scarecrow Press (February 08, 2007)

Drawing together contributions from some of the leading scholars in the interdisciplinary field of children and childhood studies (CCS), this guided approach to literature searching in CCS provides background...

Chalk Talk Stories

by Arden Druce Scarecrow Press (January 01, 1994)

Storyteller_librarians, teachers, and parents_ seeking a unique variation to traditional storytelling will welcome this collection of twelve chalkboard stories. Pre-school through grade 3.

Science Fair Projects for Elementary Schools: Step by Step

by Patricia Hachten Wee Scarecrow Press (November 05, 1998)

Offers step-by-step instructions for a hands-on learning experience for children in grades 2-5 who are doing science fair projects.

Toddler Storytime Programs

by Dianne Briggs Scarecrow Press (December 01, 1993)

A treasure trove of useful material for librarians, teachers, and others who work with toddlers. Part I of the book contains twenty-five theme programs which feature book suggestions, fingerplays, puppetry ideas,...

The Phenomenon of Information: A Conceptual Approach to Information Flow

by Mario Pérez-Montoro & Dick Edelstein Scarecrow Press (June 11, 2007)

This study examines critically major theories of information and offers an original treatment of information flows that attempts to remedy weaknesses in earlier treatments and may serve as a basis on which a...

Science for Girls: Successful Classroom Strategies

by Susan Gibbs Goetz Scarecrow Press (September 26, 2007)

Science for Girls: Successful Classroom Strategies looks at how girls learn from the time they are born, taking the reader through both the informal and formal education process. While the focus is on science...

Hard Facts on Smart Classroom Design: Ideas, Guidelines, and Layouts

by Daniel Niemeyer Scarecrow Press (November 25, 2002)

This book is designed to share a lifetime of experience designing user-friendly yet technologically advanced classrooms. Seventy layouts, figures, diagrams, and drawings convey ideas and concepts while 40 photographs...

Chalk in Hand: The Draw and Tell Book

by Phyllis Noe Pflomm Scarecrow Press (September 01, 1993)

A book for anyone who tells stories-teachers, parents, and especially children's librarians. Although the storyteller must draw during the presentations, artistic ability is not necessary for success.

Beyond Babar: The European Tradition in Children's Literature

by Sandra L. Beckett & Maria Nikolajeva Scarecrow Press (August 19, 2006)

Beyond Babar: The European Tradition in Children's Literature examines in depth eleven of the most celebrated European children's novels in substantial, critical essays written by well-known international scholars....

A Model for Work-Based Learning

by Belle Alderman & Patricia Milne Scarecrow Press (September 26, 2005)

Work-based learning, in which professional work experience is closely integrated with professional study, now forms an important part of many courses in tertiary institutions. A Model for Work-Based Learning...

Four British Fantasists: Place and Culture in the Children's Fantasies of Penelope Lively, Alan Garner, Diana Wynne Jones, and Susan Cooper

by Charles Butler Scarecrow Press (April 25, 2006)

Four British Fantasists explores the work of four of the most successful and influential of the generation of fantasy writes who rose to prominence in the "second Golden Age" of children's literature in Britain:...

Build It Once: A Basic Primer for the Creation of Online Exhibitions

by Sarah Goodwin Thiel Scarecrow Press (March 09, 2007)

Build It Once is designed for the staff member faced with the challenge of creating high-quality online exhibitions with limited exhibit experience, technical support and resources. It is a book of practices...

The Information Behavior of a New Generation: Children and Teens in the 21st Century

by Jamshid Beheshti & Andrew Large Scarecrow Press (November 02, 2012)

The Information Behavior of a New Generation: Children and Teens in the 21st Century attempts to describe the significant changes in the information behavior of children and youth over the last two decades....

Organ Transplants: A Survival Guide for the Entire Family

by Tina P. Schwartz Scarecrow Press (April 20, 2005)

Talks to teens and offers practical advice and suggestions for coping with and surviving the situation of when a family member has an organ transplant, or when they are personally facing an organ transplant....

Not Your Mother's Vampire: Vampires in Young Adult Fiction

by Deborah Wilson Overstreet Scarecrow Press (August 15, 2006)

Not Your Mother's Vampire analyzes twenty current young adult vampire novels and also addresses Buffy the Vampire Slayer-all vampire representations aimed at younger audiences. The book's structure includes...

Multicultural and Ethnic Children's Literature in the United States

by Donna L. Gilton Scarecrow Press (July 09, 2007)

Multicultural and Ethnic Children's Literature in the United States describes the history and characteristics of ethnic and multicultural children's literature in the U.S., as well as related materials published...

J. M. Barrie's Peter Pan In and Out of Time: A Children's Classic at 100

by Anita C. Tarr, Donna R. White, David Rudd & Irene Hsaio et al. Scarecrow Press (April 27, 2006)

Celebrating 100 years of Peter Pan, this fourth volume in the Centennial Studies series explores the cultural contents of Barrie's creation and the continuing impact of Peter Pan on children's literature and...

Written for Children: An Outline of English-Language Children's Literature

by John Rowe Townsend Scarecrow Press (May 01, 1996)

An authoritative history and analysis of the best British and American children's literature through 1994, with a new 2003 postscript on J.K.Rowling and Philip Pullman.

Starting Out Right: Beginning Band Pedagogy

by Si Millican Scarecrow Press (August 09, 2012)

Starting Out Right: Beginning Band Pedagogy is the only complete resource for organizing, planning, and teaching beginning woodwind, brass, and percussion students. The book covers every aspect of teaching beginning...

Money: Getting It, Using It, and Avoiding the Traps

by Robin F. Brancato Scarecrow Press (May 03, 2007)

Money: The Ultimate Teen Guide is a concise, practical, readable overview of the money matters that most concern young adults, such as getting it (allowance, gifts, jobs); using it (saving, investing, giving,...

Strategic Planning for School Library Media Centers

by Mary Frances Zilonis, Carolyn Markuson & Mary Beth Fincke Scarecrow Press (October 23, 2002)

A strategic plan is a useful tool for communicating the purpose of the library media center (LMC) to the administrators, teachers, and parents of the school community.

Varsity Letters: Documenting Modern Colleges and Universities

by Helen Willa Samuels Scarecrow Press (May 07, 1998)

A study of the functions of colleges and universities, Varsity Letters is intended to aid those responsible for the documentation of these institutions. Samuels offers specific advice about the records of modern...

The MLS Project: An Assessment after Sixty Years

by Boyd Keith Swigger Scarecrow Press (July 09, 2010)

This book documents the shortcomings of the MLS project-an ill-conceived approach to a situation that no longer exists-and suggests a new approach to professionalism for librarians.

Radical Reads 2: Working with the Newest Edgy Titles for Teens

by Joni Richards Bodart Scarecrow Press (November 25, 2009)

Radical Reads 2 picks up where the first volume left off, featuring 101 radical young adult books that have come out since its publication. Author Joni Richards Bodart defends their inclusion in library collections...

How Information Technology Is Conquering the World: Workplace, Private Life, and Society

by Kai A. Olsen Scarecrow Press (December 05, 2012)

How Information Technology Is Conquering the World focuses on the interface between the technologies and the real world in order to explore not only where these technologies have their advantages, but also where...

Poetry in Literature for Youth

by Angela Leeper Scarecrow Press (March 28, 2006)

Poetry in Literature for Youth offers teachers, librarians, parents, and students with an instrumental guide for incorporating all forms of poetry into the curriculum. More than 900 annotated entries provide...

Something to Talk About: Creative Booktalking for Adults

by Ann-Marie Cyr & Kellie M. Gillespie Scarecrow Press (August 02, 2006)

This is the first book to focus solely on booktalking to adults. Here is an instruction manual and a material sourcebook in one; providing the reader with both step-by-step instructions on how to write a booktalk...

Library Board Strategic Guide: Going to the Next Level

by Ellen G. Miller & Patricia H. Fisher Scarecrow Press (March 26, 2007)

This guide helps busy trustees and directors analyze and handle five strategic issues-risk management, local values and First Amendment rights, leadership that achieves the library's vision, getting and growing...

Children's Books from Other Countries

by Carl M. Tomlinson Scarecrow Press (January 15, 1998)

A complete and current guide to international children's literature. The annotated bibliography contains over 700 titles from 29 different countries printed between 1950 and 1996. All titles are available in...

Libraries and Librarianship: Sixty Years of Challenge and Change, 1945 - 2005

by George Bobinski Scarecrow Press (March 15, 2007)

George Bobinski's career as a library professional spans 60 epochal years, from 1945 to the present. In this book, he summarizes the major trends and events that have transformed the library world and the profession...

The Library-Classroom Partnership: Teaching Library Media Skills in Middle and Junior High Schools

by Rosann Jweid & Margaret Rizzo Scarecrow Press (June 25, 1998)

Assists library teachers and classroom teachers to effectively use the library and its resources as an extension of the classroom. Also deals with technology and the changing economic and social conditions affecting...

The Art of Storytelling: Telling Truths Through Telling Stories

by Amy E. Spaulding Scarecrow Press (February 01, 2011)

Designed for anyone who wants to develop the skill of telling stories, this volume provides advice on choosing, learning, and presenting stories, as well as discussions on the importance of storytelling through...

The Pedagogy of Adaptation

by Dennis Cutchins, Laurence Raw & James M. Welsh Scarecrow Press (February 23, 2010)

This collection of essays focuses on numerous contexts to emphasize why film adaptations matter to students of literature. Written by specialists in a variety of fields, ranging from film, radio, theater, and...