She Will Build Him a City

She Will Build Him a City


As night falls in Delhi a mother spins tales from her past for her sleeping daughter. Her now grown-up child is a puzzle with a million pieces whom she hopes, through her words and her love, to somehow make whole again.

Meanwhile, as the last train from Rajiv Chowk Station pulls away, a young man rides the metro and dreams of murder.

In another corner of the city, a newborn wrapped in a blood-red towel lies on… (more)

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Jha’s novel documents ghosts: the ruined, the displaced, people doomed before they begin, and people who never were. I haven’t visited Delhi, but if I saw it now, I know that Jha’s ghosts would haunt the edges of my vision.

These are lives played out against an urban landscape morphing so rapidly its human inhabitants cannot count on the solid ground beneath their feet; one character, dispossessed by development, goes on hunger strike and is reincarnated as a giant cockroach that lives at the bottom of a country club swimming pool.

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Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing (February 26, 2015)

Collection: Bloomsbury Publishing

Page count: 352 pages

Language: English

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