The Harder They Come

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The Harder They Come

Boyle worries about the world and its problems so we don’t have to, and he writes it all down.

“The Harder They Come” is brutally unsentimental about the toxic combination of anger, alienation and violence.

The Harder They Come, T. C. Boyle’s new novel, is his best in years. It opens with a killing and ends with a killing. What is in between these pages will keep you turning them well into the night. After finishing it you’ll understand why Mr.Boyle is one of America’s great writers.

So while there might be those out there who really want to elevate (and pigeonhole) Boyle as an important writer dedicating his career and talents to considering these seminal concerns of the American character (or whatever), Harder proves he's too slick for that. Too clever.

A searing and masterful account of American violence and disaffection.

“The Harder They Come” is a masterly — and arresting — piece of storytelling, arguably Mr. Boyle’s most powerful, kinetic novel yet.