Doctor Sleep: A Novel

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Doctor Sleep: A Novel

While Doctor Sleep might not cause much by way of lost rest, it is good, mainstream Stephen King and thus, hardly a snooze. The Doctor of Horror is in. Wake up!

Doctor Sleep is creepy and completely excellent, as I'd expected it would be.

Doctor Sleep is a fantastic return to form. It's fast-paced, just the right length and – crucially – properly chilling at times.

Satisfying at every level. King even leaves room for a follow-up, should he choose to write one--and with luck, sooner than three decades hence.

Doctor Sleep may lack the raw brutality that made The Shining so intensely, powerfully affecting but it’s still a tremendous return to form after a string of disappointments.

It’s strange how much it feels like Hill’s latest, but even stranger how rushed and immaterial it all seems, when King had 36 years to ponder his next move in this story.

The book is best at depicting how even the most damaged people can rebuild their lives, as long as they are willing to put in the work - a theme that gives the novel an autobiographical air.

He’s so good at scaring that he can even raise goose bumps when he writes about the measles.