An Ill Fate Marshalling

An Ill Fate Marshalling

King Bragi Ragnorson decides to join Chatelain Mist's coup against the Dread Empire. Varhlokkur — the King's wizard — tries to dissuade Ragnorson from this chosen path, but only the drum-beat of war is heard. The King's Spymaster Michael Trebilcock joins with the wizard to stave off The Ill Fate Marshaling, to no effect. Many of the characters from past volumes take center stage, and the climatic events of this book shake the world of the Dread Empire to its… (more)

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Publisher: Night Shade Books (November 01, 2011)

Collection: Night Shade Books

Parent ISBN: 9781597803212

Page count: 320 pages

File size: 616 KB

Language: English