Four-Legged Girl

Four-Legged Girl

"Diane Seuss writes with the intensity of a soothsayer." —Laura Kasischke

For, having imagined your body one way I found it to be another way, it was yielding,

but only as the Destroying Angel mushroom yields, its softness allied

with its poison, and your legs were not petals or tendrils as I'd believed,

but brazen, the deviant tentacles beneath the underskirt of a secret queen

—from "Oh four-legged girl, it's either you or the ossuary"

In Diane Seuss's Four-Legged… (more)

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I discovered Diane Seuss in “Blackbird” and immediately bought a copy of Wolf Lake, Blouse Blown Open. And oh the pleasure. Her new volume Four–Legged Girl, is every bit as wondrous, if not more so.

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Publisher: Graywolf Press (October 06, 2015)

Collection: Graywolf Press

Language: English

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