The Last Two Seconds

The Last Two Seconds

The eagerly awaited new poetry collection by Mary Jo Bang, winner of the National Book Critics Circle Award

We were told that the cloud cover was a blanket

about to settle into the shape of the present

which, if we wanted to imagine it

as a person, would undoubtedly look startled—

as after a verbal berating

or in advance of a light pistol whipping.

The camera came and went, came and went,

like a masked man trying to light a too-damp fuse.

The crew was acting like a litter… (more)

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Bang doesn’t offer a solution. There may not be one. But she asks the questions, again and again, in different shapes and orders, never losing sight of the ways in which reality slips and fiction – however we define it – tucks itself in beside truth.

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Publisher: Graywolf Press (March 03, 2015)

Collection: Graywolf Press

Language: English

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